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Diamond Divas


We have an idea ... a network for women working in the jewellery industry who are serious about making the most of their career.

Diamond Divas 'share and shine' ...the network allows women to create contacts, share ideas and gain inspiration from others working in the industry.

Contacts. Ideas. Inspirations.

  • Women love to network, socialise and talk!
  • Women love to share ideas and talk through problems
  • Working women have specific issues that impact their careers
  • Women look for advice, support and mentoring from other women to help them grow their business or their careers
  • Women love to get dressed up and attend exclusive events
  • Women love fashion, glamour ... and they love to sparkle and shine!
  • Women love jewellery!

Why a woman’s network?

In work and life women face many challenges and unlike many men they like to talk about their issues and share their stories with other women ... they look for friendship, mentors and trusted advisors ... it helps them to move forward and achieve goals.

Traditionally men use the golf course, pub or sporting arena to connect with colleagues and clients. Women do not do this.

With today’s financial pressures, cost of living and competitive work environment, woman are challenged like never before ... To have a successful career? To put work or family first? When to return to work after giving birth? How to manage work-life balance? Equality in the workplace?

Diamond Diva ... coming soon!


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