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The JAA’s mission is to advance the Australian jewellery industry through ethical conduct, high professional standards and efficient business practice. Our success in achieving our mission is heavily reliant upon the voluntary contribution and service of members on our State Branch Committees, National Industry Advisory Council (NIAC) and Board.

Role of a State Branch Committee

Joining a State Branch Committee represents an opportunity to have your say and make a valued contribution towards the long term success of the industry. It enables you to be more involved in your jewellery community, network with industry members and identify local issues. State Branch Committees work with their representative on the National Industry Advisory Council to determine the best way to resolve those issues and to contribute to the national strategy of the JAA.

Calls for nomination to a State Branch Committee are made midway through each year, and elections are held at the Annual Branch Meeting. However, from time to time there are casual vacancies that can be filled. Contact the JAA by emailing to enquire about filling a casual vacancy.

To be a committee member with voting rights you are required to be a General Member of the JAA. Associate Members are welcome to be part of a Committee, however do not hold voting rights.

Committee members are required to attend State Branch Meetings which are held at least twice per year or more frequently, as the Committee deems necessary. Attendance can be via telephone conference if distance is an issue.


  • Attend, on a regular basis, the meetings set for the Committee, enabling continuity of discussion and decision making.
  • Contribute to the implementation of the Committee’s specific objectives, whilst supporting the Board objectives and national JAA strategies by identifying local and industry issues.
  • Promote awareness and interest amongst members, in the activities and networking opportunities of the Committee.
  • Increase involvement of individual members in the activities of the Committee.
  • Participate in and attend JAA events and activities, representing your respective Committee.
  • Champion recruitment of new members to the JAA.
  • Be a JAA ambassador in your region.

Associate members of the JAA are invited to be involved in State Branch Committees though do not have rights to vote.

To view a current list of State Branch Committee members, click here


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