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JAA forges collaboration with Victoria Police



Outcome/Next steps

Industry Benefit

Industry Events

The JAA Tradeshow has progressed with a range of speakers confirmed. Plans for the Diamond Pavilion have progressed.

Young Jewellers have confirmed their support for the JAA run event.

Marketing continues.


Continued marketing and planning

An event run by the industry with greater industry input and direction.

Reduced exhibition costs

Unique features offered for visitors to view upcoming talent and buy quality items as well as unique items.

Any revenue raised is directed back to industry projects

Fostering Talent

Rising Stars Program launched

 JAA Design Awards launched

Review applicants and work to bring their offerings to the market

Call for entrants

Assisting new businesses to build

Bringing new product to retailers

Showcasing talent

Enjoyment of reviewing design pieces


Industry Education

Meeting with Enmore TAFE

TAC Meetings

Appointment to ABI -

L&D committee meeting

JAA to assist in connecting students with the industry

Input is being provided to (insert 3 retail courses)

Involvement in next meeting

Meeting attendance to keep up with apprenticeship and education related topics

Industry involvement in national curriculum

Latest information provided so key points can be passed on via JAA communication pieces

Member Benefits

Meetings to seek suppliers to deliver new benefits – display cabinets, security, banking, legal, finance and lease negotiation suppliers have all been liaised with

Negotiate and launch deals for JAA members

Business savings and value adds to improve your bottom line

Bringing new supplier ideas to the industry’s attention


Vic Security Briefing event and Workgroup Establishment


EDM sent t industry with security tips and resources

Workgroups in Vic established to liaise with Vic Police


State contacts are being liaise with currently for national events and resources

Helping the industry stay safe and to help provide information that will work to reduce crime.


Supporting those that are the victims of crime

Membership Drive and Renewals

Establishment of resources to assist renew our current members

Ongoing marketing to attract new membership

Finalise all outstanding memberships and promote why the industry needs an Association to non members

Strength in numbers means increased funding for the JAA to provide additional services and better networking opportunities and a sense of community

Media Relations

Meetings with consumer and industry publications

Working on a forward media strategy for JAA communications

Better dissemination of information the JAA wishes to communicate via a variety of mediums


February Board meeting

Continued Board liaison on ongoing projects and quarterly board meetings

Involvement of key industry members in the future direction of the Association

Complaints Mediation

Code committee appointment -Frank Salera

Handled three Code of Conduct complaints, gave advice to 21 non-member complaints and assisted 9 member complaints.

Ensure highest standards currently available are followed to guarantee maximum protection of jewellery buying consumers

Government Liaison and Lobbying

AML teleconference

Black Economy Taskforce written submission

Continued liaison at meetings as required and calls for industry input as well as the distribution of information to the industry on likely future changes

Keeping the industry up to date via a central point of contact for Government

JAA’s involvement will mean any future required training or resources will be managed and communicated

Branch meetings

Ongoing branch meetings

Regular meetings occur in each state and our volunteers assist with a variety of projects

Local people you can meet with and raise your issues as relevant for future discussion or strategic planning input

JAA Team and Representatives

New recruits to head office trained

NIAC new appointments

Board new appointment


Briefing new recruits

Board May

Increased resources and skills to assist with the JAA’s activities

International Liaison

Liaisons with NZ, UK


Continued sharing of ideas and input to guides

Information to help us compete on the international platform and also to learn from others activities


List variety of items sent out


My Wedding deal for large consumer exposure

Job board promoted

News medium

Exposure to potential clients

Free way to find new staff