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Victorian Security Update

In response to the continued spate of armed robberies targeting jewellery stores in Victoria,  Victorian Police Crime Inspector Kerin Maloney has released a statement reiterating the need to stay vigilant.

"Disappointingly there have been two armed robberies in recent days in the south eastern areas. Please be assured that Victoria Police are thoroughly investigating these incidents and have a number of leads.

Pleasingly target hardening measures have had some success in ensuring employees and customers have been able to safely exit the store proper. It is important to remember that this offending is very fluid and everyone across metro Melbourne should remain vigilant when coming and going from your respective stores. If there is anyone who has any concerns do not hesitate to contact your local police or I am happy for you to drop an email to the following email account if you are not satisfied with the response received."

This statement comes as two more stores in the wider Melbourne area were targeted by thieves. On Friday 24 March, several thieves smashed the store-front windows of a jewellery store in Canterbury and fled with an unknown amount of stock.

On Saturday 25 March, four masked men entered a jewellery store in South Yarra just after 3pm wielding an unknown weapon which was used to smash open glass cabinets and displays. The men fled the scene in a stolen vehicle with an unknown amount of stock.

One staff member received a cut to the hand during the ordeal.

Jewellery stores in Victoria are urged to be on high alert and are encouraged to take extra security precautions.

Anyone with information regarding the incident is urged to contact Crime Stoppers on 1800333 000 or submit a confidential crime report to

SECURITY TIP OF THE MONTH: Have the manager of a store distribute police witness sheets to staff and ask them to note the appearance of say the third customer of the day who entered the shop and a while later to write up the form. Later in the day or at a staff meeting, then play back their video of the person and see how accurate the description was. It is almost guaranteed that the first few times there will be major errors but with practice the accuracy improves. This practice could be crucial in catching a thief in future.

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EVENT NOTICE:  Victoria Police are conducting a follow up meeting with the jewellery industry to discuss a range of topics related to crime and security. If you have not yet attended a session, book now by clicking here.