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Member Profile: Tom Boie

Tom Boie is the owner and founder of KAVALRI (Pronounced CAVALRY) – a unique business based in Melbourne that offers custom made lifestyle jewellery for the 21st century man. The range of products designed to suit the style and needs of male customers include simple accessories such as stylish men’s bracelets in polished silver, leather and steel, to bold cufflinks of carbon fibre or steel. Boie has tungsten rings of wood, ceramic or carbon fibre, and necklaces of silver and black.

His custom wedding rings are unique, such as the Brushed Silver and Gold Pipecut Tungsten Ring or Black and Rose Gold Plated Pipecut Ring – all customised by size and width along with personalised engraving. Boie has had a solid business education and working experience to back his jewellery brand.

He attained a Bachelor of Commerce in 2006, then undertook postgraduate study with a Masters of Diplomacy and Trade from Monash University in 2015. He has also worked in various marketing positions in a number of national and international organisations across many industries for more than ten years. However, it was his genuine interest in developing his own jewellery brand that led to the creation of KAVALRI in 2012. He was aware of the lack of jewellery and accessories brands catering directly to men and felt by introducing a stylish and fashion forward jewellery brand targeting men would be well received.

Boie said that starting the KAVALRI jewellery brand was “a natural progression of seeing a great niche opportunity in the men’s accessories and fashion/wedding jewellery segment”. Therefore, KAVALRI was “born in response to the fact that very few jewellery and accessory brands were dedicated to men”. Boie acknowledges that he had to learn a lot through trial and error and “refining my products & brand so that they would be well received in the market and appeal to my target audience”.

He was not afraid to do this because his business philosophy is “not to let fear of setbacks or failure be a reason for not pursing a certain aspiration. Once you realise that it is ok to fall short initially, you will embrace the idea that these setbacks are often a necessary step to achieving eventual success”. Not reaching goals has been part of the learning experience for Boie who says “each setback has led me closer to achieving greater success".

"Also, be passionate about what you do, if you love what you’re doing you will naturally find your niche and enjoy continued success”. And so, it was an important step for Boie to join the Jewellers Association of Australia (JAA) and have the opportunity to network in the  wider jewellery community. Boie feels KAVALRI has a lot to offer the jewellery industry, in meeting the needs of an emerging fashion conscious male demographic. “Being a member of JAA enables us to have industry wide exposure through a leading association that actively looks after and fosters the interests of its members. We are proud to a member of JAA” says Boie. “Being one of the few jewellery brands that offers product only for men, I feel that the KAVALRI brand resonates well with our customers. As such, our products are tailored to what we think men will like. I think men appreciate buying from a fashion forward men’s only jewellery brand” he says.

So, from humble beginnings, Boie’s jewellery brand KAVALRI has emerged as “an exciting brand that adds a new dimension to men's lifestyle fashion” and it successful because it manages to combine innovative style with and urban edge that is meeting the needs of the modern-day man. Boie invites men to enjoy the Kavalri experience as he and his team are dedicated to ensuring a positive customer experience and in providing unique male pieces of jewellery design. The KAVALRI brand has stockists in both Sydney and Melbourne.

See the KAVALRI website here