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Supplier Profile: Chemgold

Our featured JAA member supplier and esteemed 2017 JAA Jewellery Awards sponsor, Chemgold is committed to excellence in the precious metals sector.

'Our range of products and services includes casting, refining, fabricated alloys, mounts and a comprehensive 10,000+ design catalogue. Chemgold offers a complete one stop for CAD/CAM supporting our customers at every stage – from designing, printing, casting, moulds, finishing and setting. We offer the smoothest CAD surface in the industry using the latest 3D printing technology.

For over 30 years Chemgold has been supplying jewellery retailers and manufacturers across Australia & New Zealand. Our team of precious metal specialists and engineers use the most advanced technology to achieve the highest quality in the market place, which allows us to guarantee excellent results every time. We understand that quality, consistency and attention to detail are the most important factors when meeting the needs of jewellery production. Reliability and experience in precious metals is critical when selecting a company for casting, custom design, precious metals, mounts and refining.

We also make customisation easier for clients with our JewelMount collection. JewelMounts offers a complete library of engagement rings, dress rings, wedding & eternity rings, earrings, pendants, bangles, mounts, shanks, settings, gents & more…. Each design can be ordered in listed stock sizes or customised to your exact specifications. Modify the centre stone to any size or shape, add accent diamonds to any solitaire, adjust bands and settings… anything is possible.  Jewelmounts is a completely flexible solution with jewellery retailers and manufactures in mind.'

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