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July President's Message

Next month, preparations for the 25th installment of the prestigious JAA Australasian Jewellery Awards will reach fever pitch as entrants flurry to submit their pieces by the July 18th deadline and eagerly await the outcomes of the Judging Day.

The JAA Jewellery Awards have been the highlight of the industry calendar since their inception in 1964. For the past 50 years, the talents of our most skilled jewellery manufacturers and designers have been showcased on a platform that has fostered careers, boosted profiles, and engendered an expectation of excellence within the program.

This excellence extends to our carefully selected judging panel which holds over 100 years of collective industry experience over several areas of expertise. The span of skillsets observed across our four respected judges ensures that each Awards category entry will be critiqued with brevity and wisdom. I cannot thank them enough for coming on board and giving up their time to judge what will be an entry pool of an exceptionally high standard. Please see the related article in this issue for full profiles of our judges and an overview of the judging process.

The range of categories open for entry in the 2017 Awards is one of our most expansive to date. The categories have been decidedly crafted to represent as many facets of the industry as possible. Our current categories are as follows:

Precious Metal Award
Colour Award
Showcase Diamond Award
Chemgold CAD/CAM/Cast
mywedding Bridal Award
mywedding People’s Choice Award
Marsh Advantage Insurance Contemporary/ non-Precious
Leading Edge Group Apprentice 1st/2nd Year
Apprentice 3rd/4th Year
Australian Jewellery Supplies Apprentice/Student of the Year

I am also thrilled that students and apprentices entering the 2017 JAA Awards will have the chance to win a $10,000 opportunity to be put towards their blossoming careers and education. The JAA is humbled that an anonymous benefactor has chosen the Association to be the custodian that will award this generous prize to an individual that shows promise, talent and ambition in their chosen field within the Australia or NZ jewellery industry. Those wishing to enter will be required to submit a typed document that answers several questions about their goals, achievements, and financial position. I am sure that the deserving recipient of this prize with benefit greatly from this opportunity to reach their goals.

At the core of this program is an aim that I am deeply invested in; supporting and showcasing local talent and innovation. The JAA Jewellery Awards are open only to jewellers and jewellery students or apprentices in Australia and New Zealand – a requirement that some jewellery competitions do not meet. In addition, all entrants to the JAA Jewellery Awards are encouraged to create their pieces with the JAA Code on Conduct in mind to ensure the highest levels of professionalism and craftsmanship are adhered to. I cannot be more emphatic when I say that the Association runs one of the best platforms on which we can to celebrate our dynamic industry nationwide.

Entries are closing very soon so I now call on you, the industry, to support your perennially admired Awards this August. You can do this by displaying a copy of a trade publication in your store, sharing images of the pieces from the JAA social media pages, supporting apprentices and encouraging students to enter the $10,000 prize opportunity and by entering yourself.

JAA President  - Selwyn Brandt