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Member Profile: Francisca Rendic

Francisca Rendic has always been in love with jewellery as it fascinated her since early childhood. “I have always loved and wore jewellery all my life” she says, “I have always looked for interesting jewellery everywhere I have travelled”.

Miss Rendic is trained in Architecture and attained Masters in Jewellery Design at the College of Fine Arts at The University of New South Wales (UNSW), Sydney. “I am trained as an architect, therefore I had many of the skills needed to make Jewellery. It made it easy to start creating jewellery and, during first day of the class, I made my own first ring” explains Francisca, and adds “I was so excited, and in that moment, I knew being a jeweler was to become my passion and my new possession”.

Once Miss Rendic decided to become a jeweller, she started to take private lessons on a weekly basis with tutor Isabel Moya. “She had a lot of experience” Francisca explains “She was recommended by a friend of mine, who guided me, and showed me the way to create my own style of Jewellery”.

For two years, Miss Rendic trained with determination and passion “At the time, I had enrolled in different courses, such as a certified diploma in stone setting with Veronica Perez at the Escuela De Artes Aplicadas, in Santiago, Chile, as well as a certified diploma in a workshop for companies and designers in the jewellery sector with Ricardo Domingo”.

Francisca decided then to move to Sydney to further her education and career “I decided to travel to Australia to study for my masters as I have always been interested in learning different techniques”.

After graduating, Miss Rendic undertook classes by a private tutor, master jeweller Ernst Pfenninger, for a couple of years as well as participated in different courses, such as “Drawing In metal” a Master class by Sung-Joon Cho, in the University of Sydney and “Mould making” at UNSW, until the opening of her first store, in Sydney CBD, in 2015.

Francisca’s studio is now located in Bronte, where she offers bespoke designs as well as private lessons for anyone interested in understanding and learning how to create silver jewellery pieces. Francisca also offers jewellery repairs as well as remodeling and redesigning of pre-owned pieces.

Her overall work can be described as a union of different themed collections. However, her style is characterized by the simplicity, boldness and harmony of her designs.
Miss Rendic’s inspiration relies on simple combinations of shapes and forms, in some cases geometrical forms, but it is also enthused by nature. Her jewellery aims to capture and transfer identity, history, culture and originality by creating meaningful pieces, which carries stories within. Francisca’s statement jewellery brings along an emotional burden and aims to communicate your thoughts and highlight your personality.

Miss Rendic is very proud of her work and she enjoys greatly creating exclusive and bespoke pieces. “My business is unique because every single jewellery piece is made and designed by myself” she says, “Each creation is a limited-edition piece of jewellery, therefore most of them are absolutely one of a kind”.

Francisca joined the JAA in 2015 as she wanted to be part a well-recognized jewellery community. “Being a JAA member has given me security and support” Francisca explains “The JAA protects the interests of the jewellery industry and its consumers and that is exactly what I needed when I opened a store for the first time”.

Francisca, who very much believes in fostering new talents, has a few words on encouragement for all students and young jewelers looking for inspiration and guidance: “Be occupied in creating new jewellery designs and enjoy what you are doing rather than trying to compete with other jewelers” suggests Miss Rendic, and adds “Believe in yourself and never give up. Persevere!”