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Gravermax and compressor for sale

Professional quality graver/setter/hammer/carving machine is for sale in Northern NSW. It has never been used and is in great condition.

The details are as follows:

1. Gravermax machine- Gravermach SC - originally bought for $1295 US (needs air compressor).

2. A hammer handpiece (for carving/setting/engraving) - 004 710 originally bought for $350 AUD.

3. A rotary handpiece for carving or other- 004 910 originally bought for $350 AUD.

4. A silent air compressor - the Sil Air SA 50/9. (looks like the 50/15- round barrel).High quality and very quiet for inside use.
Bought originally for just under $1000AUD.

Open to offers.

Please contacts James at  (Northern NSW)