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DNA Security

How would you like to decrease your risk of robbery by 98%?
Take the next step in security with DNA Guardian


Have you only done the bare necessities for insurance purposes?

Have you thought that you would like to do more but not sure about what that next step is?
Would you like to do more to proactively protect your staff and customers?

Are you confident that your current security systems are going to prevent or protect your interests in the event of robbery?


DNA Security Solutions is an innovative all Australian technology company, that understands security technology needs to be disrupted and changed from the traditional systems to achieve better results for the customer.

Over 8 years, DNA Guardian has become the most successful technology to reduce the incidents of armed robbery, robbery and break & enters, with proven results to show this

It was introduced to the Australian market place because of the need to have more progressive technology to counter the armed robbery attacks on business, that have grown substantially in these past 10 years.  CCTV, whilst necessary in a business, has a very limited success on keeping jewellery thieves away from your front door. DNA Guardian prevents over 98% of incidences and keeps your staff and customers safe.

What DNA Guardian clients say...

"We have noticed a definite effect already with many of the potential thieves who used to press their faces against the windows to look inside now avoiding the shop front altogether. We hope to never have to use this system but are very glad that we have had it installed there is also the added advantage of having our annual insurance premiums reduced."
Michael and Dale Trenberth, The Gold Factory (JAA member)

"I was very impressed with the capabilities of the technology and the opportunities it provided in the important areas of the deterrence of crime and the apprehension of criminals.  It has the potential to significantly reduce crime figures in any geographical area involving theft of property, house breakings or robberies."
Trevor Jenkins APM, Officer in Charge (retired) SAPOL’s armed robbery task force 2008-2013

"I think the one most impressive feature of the system other than the deterrent factor was that in most cases there is a large amount of emotional anxiety that comes with not only the loss but the risk to your personal safety. There is a closure factor attached to capturing the perpetrators and I believe that the DNA Guardian System will offer the highest chance of capture."
Martin Farkas, Managing Director, Martin Rogers Jewellery (JAA member)

Special offer to JAA members!
A GPS/SMS monitoring system included with every sale at no charge, valued at over $495.

For more information call 1300 667 688