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Executive Director's Business Tip

Growing and diversifying your customer base is one key way to ensure your main source of revenue is constantly evolving and extending, just like your business.

To extend your customer base you need to have and in-depth understanding of your target and where you want to consider changing or expanding it.

Consider what the lifestyle of these clients is like and try to leverage on that.  Yong adult women may be more likely to wear chic, minimalist pieces, while older men may prefer a simple chain or ring. Identifying your target market allows you to directly market to those most likely to buy from your business and become repeat customers. 

Networking groups offer an incredible wealth of opportunity to grow your customer base. Events such as the JAA Jewellery Tradeshow can put you in touch with other industry professionals who can offer advice on how to improve profitability by connecting with those likely to by your product. Sessions, seminars, and educational events can give you hands-on ways on how you can entice potential customers to visit and buy with you.

Memberships, loyalty programs, newsletters and mailing lists, competitions and giveaways, are all low-effort, high-yield activities you can do to gather contact information and start growing your customer base!