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Sydney, NSW

Posted: April 03, 2018 Category: Stolen & Lost Jewellery

The JAA has been advised of a lost white gold engagement ring consisting of 3 round brilliant cut diamonds surrounded by smaller diamonds on the shoulders. 

It has been reported that the ring was noted as missing since the 24th of March. It is likely the ring was lost in the Sydney area between Saturday and Monday morning. If you have any information regarding the whereabouts of this item please call your local police station and quote report number E67262447.



JAA Armed Robbery Preventative & Safety Skills Training. Find out more, click here



February President's Message

Posted: February 13, 2018 Category: Edition 2 - Feburary 2018

As President of the Jewellers Association of Australia (JAA), I wish to welcome our members and the wider industry to the year ahead. During January, the Board of Directors and office staff were busy preparing for the first Board meeting and convention of the National Industry Advisory Council (NIAC) for 2018. Updates on the outcomes of the meeting will be made in due course with some exciting announcements sure to come.

I also hope that those who attended international fairs such as Vincenzaoro and the Bangkok Gem and Jewellery Fair had pleasant and productive trips. I attended Vincenzaoro during January as I am always keen to see what is happening on the international stage. Seeing what is on show is an inspiring experience and I am always thankful I make the effort to attend the international fairs when I can.

On a different note, I wish to remind our members that 2018 JAA Membership renewals are overdue. If you require assistance renewing your membership, please contact the Head Office staff who will be more than happy to help. Being part of the industry association is a marker of your commitment to excellence and professionalism when conducting your day to day business. Everyday, our Head Office staff receive call from consumers wishing to educate themselves on who and what the JAA do, and why they should buy from our members. The message is simple, buying from a JAA member is an investment in quality and trust. If you are interested in joining, our staff are more than happy to explain the benefits membership to the JAA can give you and your business.

As you would have probably already read in this month’s edition of Jewellery World, the jAA is proud to announce the launch of a new consumer jewellery insurance product JewelCover.
In late 2017, the Association secured the foundations of a new project that will put money back into the tills of JAA members.  JewelCover will be available to customers at the point-of-sale and also directly through the JAA website. JewelCover is underwritten by Chubb, one of the leading fine jewellery and art insurers in the world, with worldwide coverage inside and outside the home, complimentary annual revaluation of your customer’s jewellery, and the option for your customer to return to you as their jeweller. More information regarding the launch of JewelCover and what it can offer our members is in this months edition magazine or at

Lastly, I wish you all a positive and successful 2018. Getting off to a good start is important as it sets the tone for the months to come. If you wish to be more involved with the Association and its projects, I urge you to consider joining a JAA Brach Committee in your State or Territory. Becoming a Committee member will put you in touch with like-minded people who are passionate about helping our industry connect and grow.

A full list of Branch Committee members can be found on the JAA website.

Selwyn Brandt


JAA announces JewelCover jewellery Insurance

Posted: February 07, 2018 Category: JAA Media Releases

The Jewellers Association of Australia (JAA) is excited to announce the launch of a new consumer jewellery insurance product - JewelCover.

“For too long our members have expressed their frustrations in dealing with domestic insurers who redirect their customers to the insurer’s preferred jeweller at the expense of the customer’s family jeweller.

As a board, we have carefully looked at how to address this issue for the past two years. It is with the addition of new board members who possess both the skillset and experience in dealing with such projects, that we were able to bring this project to fruition.”

Solely directed at the consumer, JewelCover can be referred by JAA members at the point-of-sale. It will also be available direct through the JewelCover website.

The JAA reviewed multiple submissions before selecting an insurance provider to put together this new offer. To ensure the best outcome for the Association and its members, it was critical to select a provider with an extremely strong track record in claims management, with years of experience in jewellery insurance and that had the resources to effectively service the portfolio. With this in mind, the JAA selected JewelCover to refer customers of JAA members to. The policy is underwritten by one of the leading domestic insurers of fine art and jewellery in the world - Chubb Insurance Australia Limited.

JewelCover will be working closely with the JAA board to ensure its members’ interests are always protected.

JewelCover allows JAA members to refer their customers to obtain worldwide protection against loss, theft or damage. Most importantly, the customer will always be sent back to the original jeweller or have the ability to choose the jeweller to replace or repair their jewellery in the event of a claim. The policy will be an agreed value policy, meaning that the sum insured is the sum that will be paid out in the case of a total loss, with absolutely no demands for discounts.

“Our goal is to put back the millions of dollars of claims that are currently paid to a handful of jewellers (and in many cases cash settled), back into the tills of our members.”

JAA President Selwyn Brandt and board member Karen Lindley together with JewelCover CEO Rami Baron.

Visit JewelCover Website



Golden Globes 2018

Posted: January 14, 2018 Category: Edition 1 - January 2018

Golden Globes Blackout

The red-carpet of the 75th annual Golden Globes was the scene of a blackout by celebrities taking a stand against the sexual harassment in the entertainment industry.

Red lipstick offset the monochrome wardrobes of the A-listesr with white gold diamond jewellery the popular choice. Coloured jewels such as emerald and sapphire also made a note worthy appearance.

Amongst the favoured brands were Chopard, Forevermark, Lorraine Shwartz, and Harry Winston whose statement pieces adorned the hands, necks and ears of Hollywood’s elite. 


Baselworld set to shrink

Posted: November 13, 2017 Category: Edition 13 - November 2017

Luxury jewellery and watch fair Baselworld is set to shrink from 1300 exhibitors in 2017, to 600-700 in 2018.

This news has come after the announcement that stand prices will be reduced by 10% and that the fair will run for six days, two days shorter than prior years.

In a statement released by the fair organisers, the change has been attributed to the fact that “the watch and jewellery market is undergoing a period of profound change, first and foremost through the increasing consolidation of the market in terms of production and marketing, but also through the challenges and opportunities of digital technology”.

Despite the cut backs, the statement reiterated that Baselworld will “remain the leading event for premier global brands. And this in all segments.”

Baselworld celebrated its 100 year anniversary on April 15 of this year.


Photography: JCK


Thomas Jewellers to close

Posted: November 13, 2017 Category: Edition 13 - November 2017

Australian jewellery chain Thomas Jewellers has announced its doors including the newly refurbished Warrnambool store. In a statement released by the company, the closures were said to be “a move designed to refocus their attention to areas of strength and growth within their business”.

It is understood that all regional stores will be sold with the landmark Royal Arcade location in Melbourne to be leased.

In addition, Thomas Jewellers is holding a ‘finest wedding in the country’ competition that will see give a couple from a regional area the chance to win a $50,000 wedding. Thomas Jewellers has confirmed that they will be continuing with the competition despite the closures.

In their parting statement, the company said “This news marks the end of an era and the beginning of another, as the Thomas Group will be leveraging the current growth in the capital cities to consolidate and expand its commercial and residential portfolio”.

Thomas Jewellers has been in operation in 1896 with stores in Bendigo, Wagga Wagga, Geelong, Shepparton, Albury and Melbourne.



November President's Message

Posted: November 13, 2017 Category: Edition 13 - November 2017

Heading into the last few months of 2017 has seen the Board of Directors and the JAA Head Office Staff finalising preparations for the Annual General Meeting (AGM) taking place on the 15th of this month.

The AGM, apart from being the yearly gathering of our members, is a chance for you to have a say on the top-level decisions that affect our Association. As constituents, our members have the right to vote on the composition of the Board, our strategic plan, and raise issues for consideration by the Association. By the time you are reading this message, members would have had their say at the 2017 AGM and contributed to the exciting forward momentum of the JAA.

Soon, the Association will announce the next meeting of our National industry Advisory Council (NIAC). Councillors on the NIAC represent all facets of the industry from state-specific or general industry groups such as the watch, diamond, opal, manufacturing and retail sectors. The role of the NIAC is to provide input towards the future strategy of the JAA by offering a multitude of opinions based on their varied sources of expertise. If you wish to provide input towards the positive direction of the Association, I encourage you to get in contact with the Councillor that represents your needs best.

2017 has seen the end of several long term relationships that no longer benefitted the of the JAA. The trajectory of the Association over the last decade needed a shake up to realign ourselves with our core goals: advancing the jewellery industry through ethical conduct, high professional standards and efficient business practice.
In the coming months, several projects will be announced that will demonstrate our renewed commitment to listening to our members and the wider industry to delivering the tools they need to flourish and enhance their businessess.

I firmly believe that our focus has been distilled to a fine point. This concentrated modus operandi has been employed to ensure that our small but talented team is able to deliver what is needed by our industry.

Lastly, November is the month heading into membership renewals for the coming year. If you are an industry member that has not yet joined the Association, I invite you to visit our website at and explore the benefits membership to the JAA can give you. For our current members, I thank you for your support and for being with us the whole way. Please look out for our emails coming to you as there is an incentive for early renewal before the end of the year. If you have any questions about membership or renewals, please contact our Head Office staff at


Auction Notice!

Posted: September 12, 2017 Category: Edition 12 - September 2017

On 14 September, Melbourne auction house Leonard Joel will present a rare opportunity to purchase South Sea Pearls and other jewellery from Broome and the surrounding areas in an inventory liquidation auction. The auction comprises over 400 lots from Anastasia’s Pearl Gallery, Broome and includes fine strands of South Sea pearls, diamond and gem-set jewellery, pink diamonds from Western Australia, as well as gold and silver bracelets, earrings, rings and pendants.

Please note that as this is a genuine inventory liquidation,no condition reports will be provided. All items can be viewed in our Melbourne salerooms this week. 

Browse the catalogue now at and contact our Jewels department for more information.

Viewing | Wednesday 13 September 9am – 8pm

 | Thursday 14 September at 1pm

Enquiries | Kerry Dobson 

Location | Leonard Joel. 333 Malvern Road, South Yarra VIC 3141 

Lot 11
Estimate $ 360-460

Lot 19
Estimate $ 700-900

Lot 22
Estimate $ 300-500

Lot 25
Estimate $ 700-900

Lot 28
Estimate $ 700-900

Lot 29
Estimate $ 900-1,100

Lot 73
Estimate $ 700-900


Farewell Amanda Hunter

Posted: September 12, 2017 Category: Edition 12 - September 2017

The JAA Board of Directors has issued a statement thanking former Executive Director Amanda Hunter on her great contributions to the Association. 

“The Board thanks Amanda Hunter for her valuable service and leadership of the JAA. We wish her all the best in her future endeavours and we are grateful for her many accomplishments.

Amanda’s hard-work and dedication to the jewellery industry saw the implementation of several important initiatives in addition to a revived strategy the Association will benefit from now and into the future. 
Since Amanda’s departure on August 11th 2017 the JAA has successfully concluded the majority of the 2017 JAA Australasian Jewellery Awards program with more exciting developments to come and is busily working away on several significant projects to be delivered later on this year. “

Amanda had held positions from Assistant Accountant in Financial Services, to Field Marketing Manager in a global IT company, to the founder and Managing Director of a large Event Management and Marketing firm through to an independent business coach, then Sales Manager in a real estate franchise through to running a training business as General Manager for one of John McGrath’s organisations.

Some of Amanda’s achievements included building a business from scratch to a turnover of $10 million; featuring on the 2006 BRW self-made female entrepreneurs list, ranking 15th in Australia, along with an array of industry awards including Best National Meetings Management Company in 2005 and being a finalist in the 2005 NSW Telstra Small Business Awards.



September President's Message

Posted: September 11, 2017 Category: Edition 12 - September 2017

Now is the time to turn our attention to the coming months and plan for the busiest time in our calendar – Christmas. For many retailers and suppliers in our industry, Christmas is the time of the year where capital reserves are made to ensure a steady cash-flows throughout the quieter months of the year. Increasing demand for consumer dollars and aggressively competitive marketing means that preparing early is now a requirement, not a choice.

Action Plans

The most valuable organizational tool in your repertoire. Action plans no longer have to be boring greyscale spreadsheets sluggishly updated with statics tasks. New applications and software available on your mobile devices can assist in the planning process and make it engaging along the way. A thorough action plan that sets out tasks by date, action, and progress will give you a meta-framework that funnels logic and structure into your day-to-day tasks. This means less work and more time when you need it.


 Consumer demand for new designs and on-trend products means that stock must be bought when the market is at its  ‘sweet spot’  - a time when designs are new enough to attract buyers but also ready to purchase from suppliers in advance. If you manufacturer on site, you can set yourself apart from retailers by offering value adds and customizable pieces that imbue a personal touch. It is essential to utilise last year’s sale reports to guide what and how much you should buy.


Having the right people on the books over Christmas can make a huge impact on sales margins and customer satisfaction levels. Hire Christmas casuals in advance to ensure they get as much hands-on training as possible and feel confident enough to cope with potential stress associated with the Christmas rush. Place new employees with experienced senior staff during off peak times to maximize the hands-on training of new hires.



If you have an online store, now is the time to test and tweak your online payment portals and website. A crashed website is a sure-fire way to lose a potential sale where the demand for instant gratification and service is at an all-time high. Check with your provider to determine whether you need to upgrade to a bigger server or if you can streamline the payment portal process.

Visual Merchandising

The visual appeal of a store can matter nearly a much as the products held within. A good rule of thumb is to find harmony between your environment, your products and your business ethos while remaining inviting and warm. If your visual merchandising skills proving to be rusty, it may be worth hiring a visual merchandising consultant to set you on the right path. If you are strapped for time, you can freshen up tired displays by introducing some props to create a theme.

Nailing down the basics can set you up for a successful Christmas trading period, but it doesn’t stop there. Leveraging the now institutionalized Boxing Day sales can increase sale margins and shift old stock while you are still riding on the high of Christmas. Preseason preparations are vital to giving your store the best chance of success and developing concise action plans can position your business to reach its 2017/2018 business goals.