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The JAA team have recently completed or are currently working on the following projects:

  1. Management of JAA membership renewals, applications and ongoing member recruitment
  2. Negotiations with key businesses to introduce new JAA member benefits
  3. Implementation of the Friedman Gold Star Selling learning portal for members and non-members, with ongoing management of registrations 
  4. Ongoing facilitation of the JAA Accreditation program including application processing and promotion
  5. Media spokespeople identified
  6. Compilation of the JAA Technical Guide, as supplement to the JAA Jewellery Industry Code of Conduct 
  7. Preparation for the introduction of the JAA Retail Tenancy Database 
  8. Events and information supplied to new entrants into the jewellery industry
  9. Liaison on national curriculum for Manufacturing and Retail sectors
  10. Mapping of Australian education courses nationally for inclusion on the JAA website
  11. Management of programs to showcase industry talent, such as Young Designers On Show
  12. Implementation of consumer marketing initiatives
  13. Development of business growth services
  14. Artwork and copy revision of the JAA opal brochure
  15. JAA Jewellery Tradeshow established
  16. Planning for future Jewellery Awards program
  17. Project to offer website deals for JAA members
  18. Monthly production of articles and advertisements for Jeweller, including President/Executive Director's Message, member profiles, project updates
  19. Research in to feasibility of Australian pavilions in overseas jewellery fairs
  20. Production of JAA wall planner
  21. Contacting networking organisations for opportunities
  22. Liaison with other jewellery industry bodies
  23. Monthly production of JAA's online newsletter - jnews
  24. Seeking of sponsors 
  25. Ongoing population of online supplier directory
  26. Ongoing preparations for Board, NIAC and State Branch meetings
  27. Ongoing management of State Branch events
  28. Ongoing consumer complaint mediation and Code compliance
  29. Ongoing addition of information to JAA website
  30. Ongoing trade and consumer phone and email enquiries
  31. Ongoing social media posts
  32. Ongoing sales of JAA products 
  33. Ongoing EDM compilation - alerts, member benefits and news
  34. Ongoing accounts management and budget comparisons 
  35. Ongoing commitment to database extension 


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