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Jewellers Association of Australia - Items filtered by date: Tuesday, 02 February 2016

Amanda's Business Tip

Get Organised 
Make it easy on yourself! We all are struggling for enough time in the day and say we will do the filing in a quieter period or look in to changing current systems when business slows down. Let’s hope it doesn’t! So make it easy to do the things you know you should do regularly. Don’t pile up papers and then continually search through them for documents – buy an expander file that makes it quick to store either completed or to do items away tidily in alphabetical order where you can find them but move them without making a mess. Have a running task list with priorities that you review weekly and ensure you focus on items easy to put off. Gather client contact and profile information and store it in a database. Get staff to plan annual leave ahead of time. Block out the time you need each week outside the business to consider how to work on your business. Consider the best time of day for you to do both your admin tasks and your more strategic thinking tasks to ensure your time in the business is focused and productive. Seek out tools to help you automate – eg rostering, shared calendars, drop box shared files, notice boards and a great database system.

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Profile: Stephen Dibb

A Helping Hand

If you take a look at Stephen Dibb’s charity work, you might actually be surprised to find out he also runs a successful jewellery business. From his work as a guest speaker, transporting and selling pottery birds crafted by Kechene Women Potters (an Ethiopian charity which helps women learn a craft and earn a living), bringing up his four adopted children and operating Stephen Dibb Jewellery in Queensland, it is easy to wonder if he’s some kind of superhero.

Dibb was inspired early on to work in some kind of design industry. The combination of being able to work with his hands and grow his rock collection is what finally led him to the jewellery industry.

“I entered the jewellery industry because I liked design, art, working with my hands and my rock collection, and I came from a family that enjoyed craft and hobbies. I also grew up two doors up from a famous wood-carver, he sowed the seeds that I could have a career if I had a good-eye, a steady-hand and plenty of practice.”

Dibb started training as a jeweller at 15 and became qualified at 19 but decided to continue his training in the UK. In 1987 he returned to Australia to start his own business with a focus on helping others.

“I love the jewellery trade. I learnt along the way gem-setting, design, production work, engraving, finishing, master pattern making, wax carving, high-end hand making (studied at the Polytechnic Jewellery College in England) and now CAD, not to mention starting and growing a small business, employing people, training 7 apprentices and managing a team of creative across 3 design studios, Holland Park, Cleveland and now Brisbane Arcade in the Brisbane CBD.

“I have the greatest respect for anyone who has a viable business which employs and trains others in this industry.  I’m committed to training, innovation, attention to detail and design. My team sincerely enjoy designing with our clients to craft jewellery that is treasured and handed-down to future generations.”

Becoming accredited with the JAA was always going to be on the cards for Dibb. After years in the industry, he felt accreditation was the perfect way to celebrate his achievement and demonstrate his vast skillset.

“It was quite a rigorous process to become an Accredited Master Jeweller. I had to supply detailed images of my work, numerous trade references and be able to satisfy the many criteria.  I applied because I feel this JAA accreditation promotes professionalism in the jewellery industry.

“I believe the industry in general benefits from the JAA accreditation program by being part of an Australia-wide organisation that was created with industry input from apprentices, bench jewellers, suppliers and retailers.  It is something to aspire to and to feel proud of.  We earn our living in a creative manner and accreditation celebrates and promotes this to the wider public.”

Of course, once you become accredited you ought to show it off.

“We will promote my accreditation on-line on our website and Facebook as well as on our business cards, stationary, email banner, studio windows, studio walls and point-of-sale. I will proudly wear the accreditation lapel pin. We will probably put in our newsletter as well.”

Dibb has earned a lot of attention for his work and gathered up quite a trophy collection. He won his first a JAA Design Award at 19, and returned with his whole team to win another in 2000. Under his guidance his team members have gone on to win numerous design and people choice awards as well as a training award from the Prime Minister and recently a favourable mention for corporate citizenship from the Mayor of Brisbane.

While proud of his work, Dibb said he is extremely proud of his wife Lisa and the charity work they have done together. The Dibb’s children were adopted from Ethiopia and the couple have visited the country nine times, they do extensive work with a variety of charities in the region.

Stephen Dibb Jewellery is the most awarded jeweller in Queensland, however Dibb is adamant his proudest work is when he can give back.

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Interaction leads to transaction

This article by Brian Walker was published on on January 13, 2016.

“I don’t know where I’m going from here, but I promise it won’t be boring.” – David Bowie

There are no shortages of blogs and articles floating around the internet this week with retail trend predictions for 2016. While the majority simply expand on the key themes that emerged in 2015, from personalisation to the online/offline movement, one ‘trend’ from Retail Dive caught my eye: “forget about the transaction, it’s about the interaction.”

We work with clients consistently to build and deliver on the metrics of interaction as our primary measurements supported by the good old vanilla transactional data such as sales per square metre, customer returns, spend over an aggregate transactional span. Customer satisfaction, penetration and bounce from our database, customer activity by range and store allocated space, uptake to social media community and their advocate reach measurement are all indicators of interaction.

The New Year offers a perfect opportunity to look closer at the steps on the customer journey that take place before, and lead to, the transaction and by this I mean interaction; store experience, customer service, and building an organic relationship between brand and customer.

Have you considered how investing time in brand interaction this year could significantly impact your transaction record?

Of course in today’s digitally connected society, interaction with brand can begin anywhere from at home, to on the bus. Anywhere a consumer has a mobile device; they have access to your brand. However this week, we focus on one of the most powerful points of interaction, your retail store.

From millennials to baby boomers, all consumer markets are significantly valuing interaction within their store experience more than ever before; whether this is to connect deeper with the brand, or feel like they are gaining greater value for money.

As we see many large online players move into bricks and mortar (and 2016 is certainly set to see a lot more) this is highlighted even more.

Take the new Microsoft store as an example, the authentic organic brand engagement that comes from Microsoft filling their store with Xbox’s, interactive digital screens and approachable staff members is not only interacting with a broad range of target markets, and therefore creating strong, positive brand relationships but is ultimately increasing dwell time, increasing the likelihood of purchase, whether in the immediate moment or in the future. Investment in interaction, leading to a greater number of transactions.

Consequently, this investment also leads to an additional outcome which could significantly benefit your retail business, and that’s the consumer data and information that can be captured from customer engagement, helping you to understand consumer behaviour greater than ever before, meet future expectations moving forward and boost authentic audience engagement.

However, as mentioned, investment into interaction does not necessarily have to be a great financial investment for it to be beneficial to your retail business. ‘Fit’ retail businesses today are recognising the power of investing time into training store staff to positively increase transaction records.

As a time poor society seeking value for money and efficient processes, having honest, reliable and approachable sales assistants who are knowledgeable about the product/brand, but also honest enough to make recommendations and provide advice to customers even if it sacrifices the sale on that specific day, builds loyalty, trust and keeps customers coming back for more. We recently witnessed the power of this approach in fashion retailer Sportsgirl, as the staff in the fitting rooms offered recommendations, honest advice and built rapport with each individual customer in the fitting rooms, ultimately leading to satisfied customers whether they made a purchase that day or not.

Just as customers have become wary of advertising tricks, they are also becoming wary of sales assistants simply seeking commission, so sometimes an honest opinion even if it leads to no transaction on that day is priceless to a customer, who will not only come back in future but spread positive word of mouth about your store.

Retail consultant and advisor, Brian Walker is founder and CEO of Retail Doctor Group and can be contacted on (02) 9460 2882 or

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Wedding band trends for 2016

Munich jewellery and watch trade show Inhorgenta, has unveiled its wedding band trends for 2016 ahead of this year’s show.

Exhibitors showcasing wedding rings at Inhorgenta Munich 2016 will be presenting a wide and diverse offering and here’s a round-up on Inhorgenta’s wedding band trends to look out for this year.
In vogue: ‘Stack ’Em Up’
Stylish, eye-catching and versatile – stacking rings up on one finger – is one of the major wedding band trends. In the majority of the cases, it is a creatively extended arrangement of the engagement ring and the wedding band. For instance, a delicate wedding band can become a fascinating stacking creation by combining it with a solitaire and a memory ring. Fabian Meister, managing director of Meister GmbH, explains: “In line with their symbolic meaning, the solitaire and the engagement ring stacked on top of the wedding band should be combinable to form a perfect union and merge harmoniously into one another, a requirement that is perfectly fulfilled by the rings of our classic line. Moreover, we are observing a strong trend towards symbol rings.”

Personal messages
Couples are more frequently choosing rings with symbolic power. Characterised by a filigree design or a meaningful width, these rings are furnished with engravings – either hidden inside or presented on the outside – expressing a couple’s personal values. Since the guiding principle is individuality rather than uniformity, even one’s own handwriting or personal fingerprint may nowadays decorate a wedding band.

Interplay of colours and forms
The purist beauty of white gold continues to be highly appreciated by the majority of couples, followed by silver, titanium or steel. Michael Bentner, member of the board of management of Roland Rauschmayer GmbH & Co. KG, affirms that white metals are very popular: “The trend continues to be towards classic jewellery in 2016. As regards to the colour schemes, all is permitted that pleases, that is both bi-/tri-color combinations and rings in plain colours.” Sort, warm colour shades, such as rose gold, set new highlights in the realm of wedding rings too, while innovative materials such as velvety black carbon will play a big role in the year to come, and combinations with gold or platinum are on many couples’ wish lists.

Stylish individuality
Love binds together what is true and genuine – an aspect increasingly reflected in wedding rings with brilliants. The variety of smooth and matt surfaces as well as the fascinating combination of precious metals and high-tech materials mainly attracts a creative and style-oriented audience. In 2016, playful floral design is just as appreciated as clear geometric styling. Processing traces make the values of fine craftsmanship visible: rough surfaces, which may take on a patina over the course of time, rather than smoothly polished ones, are predominant.
Exhibition director, Stafanie Mändlein, concludes: “For the retail trade, engagement rings and wedding bands open up a jewellery segment that attracts young customers and often binds them to the jeweller. There is a big chance that customers also make the choice of their wedding rings at the shop to which they are emotionally attached because they already have bought their engagement rings there.”

Source: Professional Jewelller

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Supplier member

We specialise in the highest quality South Sea pearls across all colours, from the famous Australian South Sea pearls (often mistakenly called Broome pearls)…

To pearls sourced from the Indonesian Archipelago and the Philippines, Where you get the outstanding Golden pearls.

Across to the Pacific Islands such as the Cook Islands and French Polynesia for the outstanding black pearls (often referred to as the Tahitian pearl).

These, together with our exceptional range of high quality German designed and manufactured pearl jewellery components, allows you, the jeweller, to create beautiful custom made pearl jewellery, for your discerning clients.

So when thinking South Sea pearls and pearl findings, think Nash Pearls first.

We might not be the biggest supplier but we try harder to meet your needs and those of your customer.

For more information please visit our web site or email us on or Phone 08 9325 3109

We have a stunning range of pearls, clasps, pendants, earrings and rings all on hand ready for you.

Don’t forget, when buying from our website you make instant savings and free shipping is also available.


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Executive Director's Message

Happy New Year to you all

This month of course we are excited to be exhibiting at the Australian Jewellery Fair being held in Melbourne, February 27-28 at the Royal Exhibition Building. It’s been quite a few years since I personally visited this venue which I remember being a stunning building, and it’s been a number of years since the event was in Melbourne so this is a great opportunity to have a major buying and networking event to kick off the calendar year in such a vibrant and retail focused city.

As some of you know, given my background, I am a great advocate of events and getting people together face to face. It’s a time to reconnect with past friends and associates, and make new ones. As an ex-business owner myself, I know I used to love the anticipation of wondering who you might meet and where that relationship might take your business.

Make sure you check out the Fair website for details on event inclusions, conditions of entry and opening hours for buyers. As always, the Jewellery Fair is an exclusive event for those in the jewellery industry.

As an added bonus, your attendance will accumulate you points that can be applied to your accreditation application through the JAA. Make sure you pop by our booth and find out more, else contact our office anytime or view all the information on our website -

The JAA team will all be there given we love to meet industry members face to face. So please, suppliers and wholesalers, pop by and find out about the new benefits we have added for your segment in recent months. Retailers – I know we don’t have a lot of bling on our stand like the other great booths, however, our team make themselves available at these events so that we can meet industry members and chat, and we are really keen to do this. We would love the chance to explain more about how you can leverage your membership and get involved more in industry projects or work towards accredited status to recognise your achievements and benefit the business you are in at the same time.

So take advantage of many industry members being in the one spot at the one time and meet, learn, view products, transact, reconnect and keep abreast of industry trends and offerings.

I hope to see many of you in February and wish you a great trading 2016.

Amanda Hunter

Executive Director

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First small business ombudsman appointed

Small business minister Kelly O’Dwyer has picked Kate Carnell, a business lobbyist and advocate for cutting penalty rates, to fill the newly created position of small business ombudsman for a five-year period.

O’Dwyer said the appointment would be a “major win for small business owners who will have access to advice and support, and an independent advocate to ensure the government creates the right conditions for small businesses to grow.”

ARA executive director, Russell Zimmerman, said Carnell’s appointment is an “excellent choice.”

“Kate has done a fantastic job over the last couple of years in her role as CEO of the Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ACCI) and we look forward to continuing our relationship with her as Small Business Ombudsman… Kate is a staunch supporter of small business, with a wealth of experience, having owned her own pharmacy, and held CEO roles at the Australian Food and Grocery Council, Beyond Blue, and Chief Minister of the ACT, among others,” Zimmerman said.

Source: Inside Retail

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Lovisa shares drop despite growing sales

Close to $140 million has been wiped from the value of jewellery retailer Lovisa as investors reacted to its flat full year earnings guidance.

Shareholders flocked to the exits after the fashion jewellery chain predicted annual pre-tax yearly earnings of between $23.5 million and $25.5 million, on par with the $24.8 million figure in 2014/15.

Lovisa shares plunged in early trade and ended the day 36 per cent weaker.

The shares dropped $1.31 to $2.37, reducing the company’s market value by $138 million to $249 million.

The reaction came despite Lovisa reporting a half yearly profit of $13.5 million, up eight per cent on the previous year.

Lovisa said growing sales had helped offset the weaker Australian dollar and like-for-like sales were up 4.1 per cent.

Lovisa was established in 2010 by retail millionaire Brett Blundy and its chief executive, Shane Fallscheer, and within one year had opened 51 stores.

Lovisa now operates more than 200 stores in Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Malaysia, South Africa and franchises in Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Kuwait and Oman.

Source: AAP

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Topics and trends for 2016

What will we see and hear about in 2016? Let’s take a look at what is being predicted…

Coloured diamonds
Prices for fancy coloured diamonds continue to climb as a result of their rarity and scarcity.

Coloured gemstones
Demand is increasing for emeralds, rubies, sapphires and spinels.

Natural Pearls
Good quality natural pearls are a rare commodity and interest from international buyers and collectors has increased.

Statement earrings
Fashion-forward styles of ear jackets, climbers and cuffs will continue

Smart jewellery that follows fashion trends and incorporates precious metals and stones.

Ethically obtained jewellery with a backstory that benefits people at the source.

Vintage reinvented – resurgence of Edwardian, Victorian and Deco styles.


Source: Professional Jeweller, JCK

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Red carpet sparkling bright

With both the 73rd annual Golden Globes Awards and the 22nd annual Screen Actors Guild Awards being held recently the red carpet is sparkling bright again with statement necklaces and earrings adorning the actors.

Cate Blanchett wears Tiffany & Co at the Golden Globes Awards.

Lady Gaga wears Neil Lane at the Golden Globes Awards.

Laverne Cox wears Lorraine Schwarz at the Golden Globes Awards.

Sofia Vergara wears David Webb at the SAG Awards.

Kate Winslet wears wears David Webb at the SAG Awards.

Kate Winslet wears Neil Lane at the Golden Globes Awards.

Nicole Kidman wears Fred Leighton at the SAG Awards.

Helen Mirren wears Harry Winston at the SAG Awards.

Helen Mirren wears Harry Winston at the Golden Globes Awards

Tina Fey wears Mouawad at the SAG Awards.

Zendaya wears Yoko London at the Golden Globes Awards.

Jennifer Lopez wears Harry Winston at the Golden Globes Awards.

Jennifer Lawrence wears Chopard at the Golden Globes Awards.

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