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Industry robberies


Glenelg, SA

An armed man wearing a balaclava attacked a security guard while attempting to rob a jewellery store in Glenelg on Monday afternoon, 2 May 2016.

The man was armed with a baton when he assaulted the guard outside the Adelaide Exchange Jewellers store on Jetty Road about 3pm.

The guard escaped into the store and locked the door, and the offender then attempted to smash the front window of the store.

The window has been cracked by what appears to be two impacts from a blunt object.

Just behind the window are trays containing bracelets, necklaces and other jewellery.

Jayde Ormsby, who works at a surf and ski shop next door to the jewellers, said she heard two loud bangs.

“It turns out some windows were being smashed and then we were standing out the front of this store and we saw a guy who was wearing a black (top) and hood,” she said.

Ms Ormsby said she saw a man running east along Jetty Rd.

“It was pretty scary, I mean, you don’t really think it would happen,” she said.

“It definitely took us by surprise.”

An SA Police spokesman said the man fled empty-handed and left the area in a white Holden Commodore with up to two other men. There were originally suggestions two people may have been directly involved in the robbery.

A Commodore believed to be the escape vehicle was found a short time later in nearby Pier St. It has been impounded and will be forensically examined.

Acting Senior Sargent Campbell Hill said such a “brazen” attack was concerning.

“An offence of this kind, on Jetty Rd in Glenelg, it is obviously a highly publicised place, there are a lot of innocent members of the public around,” he said.

“It’s obviously a brazen attack and we would appeal for anyone with information to call Crimestoppers or the police.”

Snr Srg Hill said the attacker had assaulted the security guard as he made his way into the store but the guard fought back.

The failed robber then hit the store’s door and windows with a extendable baton, cracking both.

The attacker had been described as of Aboriginal appearance, about 5 ft 11in, and wearing a dark-hooded jumper, dark sunglasses, jeans and sneakers.

Anyone with information on the incident is asked to contact the police assistance line on 131 444.

Cracked glass in the window of the Adelaide Exchange Jewellery shop on Jetty Rd at Glenelg.
Picture: Campbell Brodie

Police leave the Adelaide Exchange Jewellery shop in Glenelg after an atttemped robbery.
Picture: Campbell Brodie

The security guard who was bashed holds his head as police investigate the armed robbery.
Picture: Campbell Brodie

Source: The Advertiser

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