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Following is a list of jewellery or related courses and workshops offered in Australia and Internationally. For further details please contact the provider directly.

The JAA is not associated with any providers listed. * - indicates course done in conjunction with an apprenticeship 

NSW Design Centre Enmore - TAFE  Design Institute of Australia Gaffa
  Certificate III in Jewellery Manufacture*  Jewellery Design  Jewellery Institute of Australia
  Certificate IV in Design   Local Community College - Silver Jewellery 
  Certificate IV in Design Function   National Association for the Visual Arts
  Certificate III in Retail   Object Design Centre
      Square Peg Studios
      Studio 2017
      Studio 303
      Sturt Craft Centre
      Sydney Art School
      Sydney Jewellery School
      Tracy Kelly Jewellery Design
VIC Melbourne Polytechnic - TAFE RMIT Craft Victoria
  Certificate III in Jewellery Manufacture* Jewellery Fundamentals Goldsmiths Gallery
  Certificate III in Engineering - Jewellery Gold and Silversmithing 2A2  Jeanette Dyke
  Diploma of Jewellery and Object Design Jewellery Casting for Small Objects  Local Community Centre courses - Silver Jewellery
  Advanced Diploma of Jewellery and Object Design Centre of Adult Education NorthCity4
    Jewellery Making: Intensive U3A - Jewellery Making
    Resin Jewellery: Intensive  
    Monash University   
    Jewellery only as elective subject as part of Art Design and Architecture 
QLD TAFE Brisbane - South Bank Griffith University Centre of Queensland Art and Design
  Certificate III in Jewellery Manufacture* Introduction to Jewellery and Small Objects Fio Contemporary Jewellery and Design
  Certificate II in Engineering - Jewellery   Jewel School
  Certificate III in Engineering - Jewellery MinRes Training Institute The Goldsmiths' School
  Jewellery (Gem) Setting - Beginners Certificate III in Jewellery Manufacture  
  Jewellery (Gem) Setting - Advanced Certificate IV in Advanced Jewellery Manufacture  
  Basics of Silversmithing Diploma of Jewellery and Object Design   
  Introduction to Jewellery Manufacture Advanced Diploma of Jewellery and Object Design   
  Drop-in classes in Jewellery Manufacture    
SA Adelaide College of the Arts - TAFE University of South Australia Academy of Jewellery Manufacture and Design
  Certificate III in Jewellery Manufacture* Bachelor of Visual Arts (Jewellery and Metal)  Diane Southwell Jewellery
  Advanced Diploma of Jewellery and Object Design   Jam Factory
  Jewellery: Introduction to Jewellery Making    
  Jewellery: Intermediate Jewellery Making - ConNECKt    
  Jewellery: Advanced Jewellery Making - Set It    
WA North Metropolitan - TAFE  None Contemporary Metal
  Certificate III in Jewellery Manufacture*   Jewellery Training Solutions
  Associate Degree - Jewellery and Object Design    
ACT None Australian National University Venetia Major - Bespoke Jewellery
    Bachelor of Design Arts - Gold and Silver Smithing  
NT None None Tactile Arts


NATIONAL Gemmological Association of Australia  National Council of Jewellery Valuers CAD Courses
  Advanced Practical Diamond Grading Diploma of Applied Gemmology (Valuation) CAD Culture
  Diploma in Diamond Technology   CAD Jewellery School
  Diploma in Gemmology Retail Courses Jewel School - CAD Design
  Gem Setting Australian Retailers Association Rhino3D
  Pearl - Advanced Study Workskills Australia  
  Synthetic and Gemmology Update    
INTERNATIONAL Gemological Institute of America (GIA) New Zealand  
  Distance Education Peter Minturn Goldsmith School  
  Applied Jewelry Professional Diploma    
  Comprehensive CAD/CAM for Jewellery Certificate Forums  
  Graduate Coloured Stones Diploma National Association of Goldsmiths - Britian  
  Graduate Diamonds Diploma Ganoksin - USA  
  Graduate Gemologist Diploma Art Jewelry Forum - USA  
  Graduate Jeweller Diploma Rio Grande - USA  
  Graduate Pearls Diploma    
  Jewellery Design & Technology Diploma Galleries and Online Resources  
  Jewellery Design Certificate Klimt02 - Spain  
    Ganoskin - Jewellery Making Techniques and Tips - USA  
  eLearning Responsible Jewellery - Britain   
  Coloured Stone  Jewellery Quarter - Britain  
  Coloured Stone Essentials  European Jewellery Technology Network  
  Diamond Essentials     
  Diamonds and Diamond Grading    
  Gem Identification Pearls     
  Jewellery Essentials     
  Lab Classes    
  Coloured Stone Grading Lab    
  Diamond Grading Lab    
  Gem Identification Lab    
  Pearl Grading Lab