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President's Message

The recent end to a long-standing publishing agreement has provided the JAA with the chance to pursue a renewed media strategy for the future. We are pleased to be enhancing our communicative reach through a respected industry publication. This move forward marks the beginning of increased communication from the JAA not just on major media announcements but on our ongoing projects and industry initiatives. 

We are now exploring further avenues in which we can engage with industry in a meaningful way to help steer the organisation towards the key issues and future needs of the Australian jewellery landscape. In addition, this signifies the start to broader media engagement by the Association across a variety of publishers and mediums for both the jewellery trade and consumers. The aim of this approach is to assist in the delivery of pertinent information across a larger industry audience.

We now wish to call out to those wishing to give back to the industry to join our dedicated team of volunteers. JAA volunteers are involved in numerous ways including committees, special projects, providing input, mentoring, sharing tips with others and being a support for JAA members in their respective state or territory. Becoming a JAA volunteer can put you in contact with many respected industry players – a perfect networking opportunity for your business and your career (We’re pretty sure you’ll also benefit from a sense of enjoyment from your involvement!). With only a small team of dedicated permanent staff, the JAA is reliant on volunteers to help keep our industry body vibrant, and delivering services and benefits to our members and broader trade.

With the 2017 JAA Jewellery Awards program now in full swing, and the JAA Tradeshow broadening its offerings, the coming months are sure to prove very exciting for the industry and your Association.

Selwyn Brandt - President