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We appreciate that small to medium sized businesses generally do not have the luxury of a dedicated HR resource to manage their employment relations obligations. Therefore, it’s just another job for someone else to do on top of their already busy role. Not only are you responsible for managing teams and people, but you have to ensure you operate a compliant workplace to avoid costly claims and potential brand damage.

We are pleased to announce we have partnered with Workplace Assured which is a proactive employment relations compliance solution delivered and endorsed by the state chambers of commerce in NSW, VIC, S.A & TAS (all non-government & not-for-profit). It is a program that will protect you from employment relations issues and help you to become a compliant employer.

What is Workplace Assured? 

24/7/365 access to employment relations advice

  • Do you need help working out what to pay your staff, how to interpret a provision/ classification within an award or would you like an expert to step you through how to manage a termination process or difficult conversation with an employee? If you have a particularly complex issue, your call will be escalated through to one of Workplace Assured’s employment relations lawyers.
  • Workplace Assured’s advice is backed by employment relations specialists, Australian Business Lawyers & Advisors (The 2016 Workplace Relations and Employment team of the year at the Australian Law Awards).

Proactive compliance review

  • An employment relations lawyer will undertake a comprehensive desktop review of your current employment relations practices and documentation (contracts/ policies/ awards/ pay rates). You’ll then receive a detailed report identifying any gaps that may expose you to some form of employee related risk.
  • The Workplace Assured team will then follow up with you to ensure you understand these risks and advise how they can help you to mitigate them.

Documentation & Award Servicing

  • Customers receive a hard copy Welcome Box, containing your Workplace Assured Toolkit, a folder containing hard copies of the Workplace Assured Standard Documents and access to Doxsure, an online modern awards and document retrieval site containing modern award information, contracts, policies, guidelines, checklists and forms that can be implemented in your business.
  • You have the option of using the document templates available in Doxsure OR getting additional support from an expert to generate the documents for you.
  • Workplace Assured have a wide range of legally compliant workplace documents to support your employment relations compliance requirements.

*Employment Practices Liability Insurance of up to $2m

  • Workplace Assured, through CGU, will cover your business for up to $2M per annum in aggregate for any single employment practices liability claim such as unfair dismissal, constructive/ wrongful dismissal, bullying and harassment. All of this with $0 excess.  

Legal representation in the event of a claim

  • The Workplace Assured Insurance policy provides cover for Defence Costs in defending or settling any indemnified claim.  Should you find yourself with an eligible employment related claim; Australian Business Lawyers & Advisors will advise and represent you at no additional cost. 

Your state chamber membership is included

  • State Chamber membership is an optional inclusion, containing a range of additional benefits, when sold in NSW, VIC, TAS & S.A and provides customers with a preferential rate to Workplace Assured. Customers in other states can opt to have one of these chamber memberships included until such time as their relevant state chamber membership becomes available via the program.

*Please visit the website for policy wording in relation to this coverage.

With hundreds of happy customers throughout Australia, see what existing Workplace Assured customers have to say about the service by clicking here.

To obtain a no obligation free quote, follow this link and enter your details and a Workplace Assured representative will be in contact to discuss further with you. Have a burning question where you need some advice? Use the Workplace assured free advice line by phoning 1300 496 955 and quote JAA2018.

*One question per employer per annum.