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  1. Attending and leaving appointments
    Travel directly to and from appointments - do not stay in or near client premises any longer than is required for the appointment.
  2. Using lifts
    Use lifts either alone, with friends, or obvious members of the public - do not enter a lift with suspicious persons. Trust your instincts!
  3. Use of vehicles
    Prior to alighting from or entering the vehicle, (even in shopping centre car parks), scan the immediate area for suspicious persons, particularly any person sitting in vehicles scanning the area and/or paying particular interest in you. Conduct anti surveillance procedures if suspicious. Carry a mobile phone. If you assess that there is a threat, do not enter or alight from the vehicle - call Police on 000. Do not use vehicles that are unreliable.
  4. Flat tyres
    Change flat tyres only in the company of other persons. Secure stock in boot of vehicle. Do not leave stock locked in the cabin of the vehicle particularly if you have to change a tyre.
  5. Use of mobile phones
    Ensure you have reliable communications. Contact Police on 000 or other appropriate persons if you feel you are threatened or being followed.
  6. Accommodation
    Always secure stock at places of accommodation and always have stock under constant supervision. Do not leave bags unattended or out of your actual possession in foyers, reception counters or rooms.
  7. Selling of stock
    Always request private viewing areas. Do not display stock on counters in public view.
  8. Plane travel
    Consider security escorts to and from destinations. Do not leave bags out of your actual possession at check-in or on the flight.
  9. Use of couriers/guards
    Identify/confirm names of couriers and procedures. Do not allow conveyance of goods until route and accountability of courier/guard is known.
  10. Type of bags
    Use non-descript bags. Do not use bags/suitcases with jewellery brands that attract attention. Consider installing a GPS tracking device in the bag.

Source: RISQ Group


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