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A range of factsheets (gold, silver and gemstone) produced by the JAA, for members who require a resource to give to consumers.

Supply agreements*
A template for suppliers who provide goods to retailers on consignment.

Industry links*
eb links and phone numbers for other industry bodies.

Complaints resolution*
Information and advice, including case studies, regarding complaints resolution. 

JAA Member logo*
View a video on how displaying the JAA member logo can help your business and download the JAA Member logo in various formats

Ten signs to help, possibly, catch a thief*
eview the top 10 of warning signs that a criminal, or criminals, have just entered a jewellery store. 

Importing and Exporting*
Importing and exporting precious metals, jewellery and gemstones to and from Australia requires careful planning and attention. Learn more from Platinum Freight Management.

Treated + synthetic diamonds*
earn more about your obligations as a seller and requirements regarding disclosure of treatments and synthetic diamonds and gemstones.

CIBJO Guides*
ownload various references guides and blue books produced by CIBJO - the World Jewellery Confederation.

earn more about hallmarking in Australia.

Helpful hints for travelling with jewellery
earn to protect yourself and valuables when travelling with jewellery. 

* = Member login required