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Do you need extra help in your workshop?
Would you like to pass on your valuable skills and knowledge to the next generation?

If you are a qualified, experienced goldsmith/jeweller, with a well equipped workshop and have a variety of work, why not do your bit to enhance future of your trade and country?

Employers of Jewellery Apprentices may be eligible to claim commencement and completion government incentive payments of up to $4,000 for employing an Australian Apprentice.

1. Find the right person

  • Access a private recruitment company or online recruitment service
  • Contacting TAFE jewellery teachers about potential students
  • Informing people in your industry or your community that you are looking to employ an apprentice

2. Contact an Australian Apprenticeships Centre to assist you to complete the training contract - call 13 38 73 to find your local centre - and lodge the contract with the Department of Education and Training once it has been completed. Your Australian Apprenticeships Centre will also:

  • Provide general information on apprenticeships
  • Provide you with advice on your eligibility for Australian Government incentives
  • Help you lodge claims for Australian Government incentives
  • Make regular contact with you and your apprentice to check on the progress of training
  • Organise the sign ups and paperwork required after a 3 month probation period
  • Provide induction information.

3. Apprentices will attend TAFE to complete the Certificate III in Jewellery Manufacture as the Off-the-Job part of their training.

4. Obligations of the employer:

  • Train your apprentice in a variety of skills on the job
  • Release the apprentice from the workplace to attend training at TAFE
  • Supply the appropriate wages and safe working conditions.

This is a brief outline of the process for employing a jewellery apprentice and is written as a simple guide only. Employers are advised to call the appropriate departments for more in depth information.

Working in partnership to reduce the skills shortage and help Australian Jewellers

With the shortage of jewellery apprentices in Australia hitting crises point, the JAA has partnered with Extrastaff Apprenticeships to take the employment burden off jewellery industry employers and foster the next generation of jewellers.

Are you looking for a jewellery apprentice?

We recommend you try Extrastaff Apprenticeships - who specialise in apprentices and trainees - for:

  • Apprentice Jewellers
  • Retail Trainees
  • Management Trainees

Jewellers can have the apprentice in their workshops on either a full or part time basis and will only be charged for the time the apprentice actually works for the jeweller.

Apprentice Support Australia 

Apprenticeship Support Australia was formed in 2014 to deliver the Australian Governments “Australian Apprenticeship Support Network” under a contract from the Department of Education and Training.

Apprenticeship Support Australia combines the 60 years of collective experience of Australian Business Apprenticeships Centre in New South Wales, Queensland and the Australian Capital Territory, VECCI Apprenticeships Services in Victoria and the Apprenticeships Centres of Business SA in South Australia and CCI WA in Western Australia, to deliver skills development advice and solutions to businesses and job-seekers across Australia.

Their combined strength ensures that their customers, no matter how large or small, experience unprecedented levels of service quality and consistency, backed by access to Australia’s foremost business experts through the Business Chamber movement.

Apprenticeship Support Australia’s services are focused on lifting apprenticeship commencement and completion rates through the provision of support at every stage of the employment cycle.

Job-seekers, school students and apprentices can all receive ongoing support including career advice, job matching, and ongoing mentoring and support.

They offer employers:

  1. holistic business-wide training advice and can assist in recommending suitable qualifications
  2. advice on how to access Government funding for training
  3. help with matching and recruitment of new staff
  4. ongoing coaching, mentoring and support of apprentices and trainees

They have 74 offices and over 400 staff around the country.

Find out more by clicking here