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Reduce the risk of an armed robbery with this highly tailored online training course developed by the JAA. Topics covered Course Cost

In just 30-40 minutes you and your staff will have key information on:

  • What to do in the event of an armed robbery
  • What to do after an armed robbery occurs
  • Reducing the risk of an armed robbery and other thefts from occurring
  • Following basic security rules, the risk of armed robbery can be greatly reduced
  • Robberies and type of offenders
  • Surviving a robbery event
  • Management after a robbery
  • Reducing the risk of a robbery
  • Theft prevention strategies

JAA Member / Non-JAA Member

1-10 courses: $59.95   /   $79.95
11+ courses: $49.95    /   $69.95


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Completing and passing the JAA Armed Robbery Prevention and Safety Skills Course attracts 2 JAA accreditation CPD points