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The inaugural JAA DESIGN sketch RENDER Drawing Competition is a celebration of Australian jewellery design and sketching skills. The Competition honours the diverse talent of local artisans by showcasing their original and distinguished talents in hand and digital drawing. 

By promoting local creative talent, the JAA DESIGN sketch RENDER Drawing Competition is an investment in the vibrant future of the Australian jewellery industry. 

Proudly presented by the Jewellers Association of Australia. We give thanks to our generous sponsors, as listed below.

People's Choice voting closes Saturday, 24 November - VOTE NOW




J O   T O R Y
Owner/Mangaing Director

E W E N   R Y L E Y
Ryley Jewellery Creations
Leading Designer, Director, Jeweller

B A R B A R A   E N R I G H T
Barbara Enright Lettering
C H R I S   P I T C A I R N
Christopher Pitcairn Designs
Costume Designer, Illustrator and Artist

Jo Tory is the Owner and Managing Director of fine silver jewellery house Najo. Jo has over 30 years' experience in the retail jewellery industry and is a passionate advocate for Australian jewellery design and manufacture. The inspiration for the Najo brand came from Jo's travels where she fell in love with the culture, art and architecture of Mexico. Jo continues to manage her successful brand by aligning her unique taste with her creative expression and communicating this by way of her strong marketing skills.


Leading Designer, Director and Manufacturing Jeweller at Ryley Jewellery Creations, Ewen has over 14 years of experience in the industry. With a number of noteworthy achievements spanning his career to date; he is a well respected member of the community.

In 2011 Ewen Ryley Co-Founded Young jewellers group and has a number of exciting ventures to come.



With her love of form and flourish, Barbara has taken her skills with the brush from commercial applications in signwriting to designing decorative tiles, lettering art, and jewellery. Having already studied at the Julian Ashton Art School in the '90s, Barbara completed a Diploma of Fine Arts at the Sydney Gallery School in 2012, where she discovered her love of sculpture. Barbara believes creativity is the essence of life and she brings that to others by facilitating regular artist groups, and presenting brush lettering workshops around the world.

Chris Pitcairn studied production and costume design for the stage at the National Institute of Dramatic Arts in Sydney. He has since worked as a costume designer for a number of companies, including Channel 7, FreeFall Theatre Company, Willoughby Theatre Company, and MAD entertainment in London. Career Highlights include Wicked (WTC) and West End Bares (MAD).

Chris has also worked as an illustrator, and has rendered designs for multiple jewellery companies.




Hand drawn, finished, rendered jewellery piece, using any traditional drawing media, completed by an apprentice or student.  

Prize: $750 voucher

Australian Jewellers Supplies offers the best in range and expert service to Australian Jewellers. Our mission is to be an extension of your business or jewellery making endeavours and offer the best solutions for all your creative needs. 

AJS is proud to provide the jewellery industry with fully stocked showrooms in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth. These showrooms also hold our greatest resource - our people! We have unique depth and breadth in our team to offer friendly advice and solutions for every job.

We are grateful to be the partners and extended family of Australian jewellers, sharing in a common goal to advance and celebrate “The Art of Jewellery”!



Hand drawn, finished, rendered jewellery piece featuring a coloured gemstone, using any
traditional drawing media, completed by an experienced industry professional.

Prize: Boulder opal from Jundah, Queensland demonstrating a rich depth of interplaying shades and dynamic colour texture. A treasured staff favourite from the team at Opal Minded.

Located in the heart of Sydney’s historic district, Opal Minded has kept opal lovers intrigued with its unrivalled collection since 1989 and is respected as a landmark institute of the Australian Opal industry.

It is the only jewellery store to own and operate its own mines an, enjoying exclusive access to an extensive collection of award-winning opals from Jundah, Opalville with more mined every day. Opal Minded’s founder and director John Bernard personally chaperons his precious opals from the moment they see the daylight for the first time in millions of years to the moment you fall in love with them.

We represent the highest specialisation in Australian opals internationally and present a treasure trove for connoisseurs world-wide of hand-crafted masterpieces



Hand drawn, finished, rendered jewellery piece featuring a pearl, using any traditional drawing
media, completed by an experienced industry professional.

Prize: Loose 13mm round pearl

Paspaley pearls are naturally beautiful. Created by nature in Australia’s pristine northern oceans, these exceptional gems are the rarest and most valuable in the world.

Paspaley nurtures their pearls on a remote network of farms stretching more than 2500km across the north-west coast of Australia. With a sophisticated fleet of purpose built ships, they are one of the few companies to still dive for wild pearl oysters. Paspaley’s innovative techniques have been widely acknowledged as world’s best practice, positioning the company at the forefront of the pearling industry.

Paspaley inspires women all over the world with their pearls, which feature exceptional colour and lustre, and contemporary designs and innovative craftsmanship.


D I A M O N D 

Hand drawn, finished, rendered jewellery piece featuring a diamond, using any traditional drawing media, completed by an experienced industry professional.

Prize: Melee parcel of black diamonds

RR Diamonds Australia is a diamond wholesale company spanning across two generations with affiliates in TLV, Antwerp and Mumbai.

The Australian branch was opened in 1974 by Robert Rosenthal. Our specialty lies in ideal makes, precision cut layouts as well as Russian, African, Australian, Canadian and South American provenance diamonds, with an emphasis on Argyle Rio Tinto.

RRDA is a participant in the invitation-only Argyle Pink Diamonds Tenders in Perth and participated in the rough (unpolished) tender in Antwerp.



Digitally sketched, finished, rendered jewellery piece, created in app or computer program.

Prize: $1000 voucher
excludes purchase of precious metals

Pallion designs, manufactures and distributes precious metal products and related services. Commencing operations in 1951, today it is the largest fully integrated precious metal services group in Australasia and the result of the merger of the ABC Bullion and Palloys Group of companies.

The group maintains its headquarters in Sydney and is a privately owned group of companies, with manufacturing facilities and offices in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth as well as Hong Kong (SAR) and mainland China.


P E O P L E ' S   C H O I C E

Public and industry are invited to vote for their favourite drawing. All entries to the competition will be eligible. Entry with the most amount of votes wins!

Prize: $1000 voucher (conditions apply) for the entry with the most amount of votes


If you’re committed to excellence, partner with Chemgold the precious metal experts. Our range of products and services includes casting, refining, fabricated alloys, mounts and a comprehensive 10,000+ design catalogue. Chemgold offers a complete one stop for CAD/CAM supporting our customers at every stage – from designing, printing, casting, moulds, finishing and setting. We offer the smoothest CAD surface in the industry using the latest 3D printing technology.

For over 30 years Chemgold has been supplying jewellery retailers and manufacturers across Australia & New Zealand. Our team of precious metal specialists and engineers use the most advanced technology to achieve the highest quality in the market place, which allows us to guarantee excellent results every time. We understand that quality, consistency and attention to detail are the most important factors when meeting the needs of jewellery production. Reliability and experience in precious metals is critical when selecting a company for casting, custom design, precious metals, mounts and refining.

Voter's prize: One lucky voter, selected at random will win a pair of 18ct White Gold ALTR Created Diamond Studs (TDW=0.80ct), RRP $3000. 

Showcase Jewellers is Australia and New Zealand’s premier Jewellery buying and marketing group. Showcase Jewellers is comprised of independent Jewellers who together as a driving force of 240+ stores in Australia and New Zealand combined, leverage considerable economies of scale where most particularly buying, marketing and training is concerned.  We pride ourselves on allowing our members to retain their individuality, and providing them with leading resources on business, retail, education and marketing fronts. We have an impressive portfolio of exclusive in-house diamond brands putting our retailers at the forefront of the diamond business. Our exclusive brands comprise of; PASSION8 Diamonds, Dreamtime Australian Diamonds, Argyle Diamonds, Canadian Fire Diamonds and our newest partner ALTR Created Diamonds.