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You can’t own just one! With are so many spectacular watches out there, we have broken out a few of the rich, warm and fashionable trends so you can find the perfect time piece this season. There is one thing to be said about the current trends in watches: there is truly something for everyone! Here are the hottest trends:


Soft and romantic, rose gold and rose tone metal watches are more present than ever before. When mixed with black straps, the sharp contrast with the rose tones become edgy. However, rich warm hues of chocolate brown are classy, elegant and fresh when paired up with the romantic rose gold hue.



Gold, platinum and stainless steel cases are being paired with rubber straps even on the highest end models. This is not the rubber straps of the 1980s but rather a luxe, textured material that looks tough yet sleek when paired with precious metals and superior quality timepieces.

rubber straps


Diamonds are everywhere and they are not just for evening watches. Diamond watches are for everyday and everyone. As diamond watches become more mainstream, prices now run from super affordable to over-the-top extreme. Diamond dial markers and simple diamond bezels are a great way wear diamonds during the day. Men and women both have an abundance of styles available. Visit our Design Gallery or your local reputable jeweler to see more options.

diamonds for men & for women


For all of the multiple time zone watches out there, you would assume everyone is a jet-setting traveler. Truth is that the world is smaller now and people are no longer land locked both physically and emotionally. These timepieces help people feel connected to the people and places they love while they are away.

multiple time zones

Source: Jewelers of America


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