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Engagement ring trends have remained consistent over the past 10 years: classic has reigned. However, some brides are showing that they are ready to break away from traditional engagement rings and let their true personality and sense of style shine through. Here are the top engagement ring trends that range from classic to trendy.


Halo engagement rings are when a circle of small prong set diamonds goes around a center stone and creates a “halo” appearance. The halo trend has major staying power for reasons that are simple and plentiful. For starters, the halo setting is a great choice for people on a budget that want to get a big diamond look. The diamonds surrounding the diamond create an appearance of a higher carat weight. Secondly, the halo setting works with every diamond shape and cut. Round, princess, cushion, and Asscher are the leading shapes for halo rings but any shape and size will work. Thirdly, the small diamonds give the ring a “vintage” feel. Lastly, the setting has a universal appeal making it an excellent choice.

halo halo


The Royal Wedding kick started a ton of trends but it all began with the engagement ring! Princess Diana was the first to shed light on non-diamond engagement rings when Prince Charles proposed to her with a large blue sapphire engagement ring surrounded by 14 diamonds. The ring created a similar frenzy 29 years later when her son, Prince William, gave the ring to Catherine Middleton. Sapphires are an ideal choice for engagement rings for their strength, durability and color variation. While blue sapphires are the top choice for those getting engaged, pink sapphires, yellow sapphires, emeralds, rubies and colored diamonds should not be overlooked or ignored.

bold color bold color


For the bride who wants something edgier, this trend is hot! Black and grey are wardrobe staples in nearly every woman’s closet. They go with almost everything and make people feel chic. Now, black and grey diamonds have become excellent choices for engagement rings as well. Black and grey diamonds are an alternative to the traditional engagement ring and perfect for the woman who wants to stand apart but still have the traditional symbolism of a diamond ring. Black diamonds are ultra modern with a bold look that will get attention while grey diamonds are subtle and sophisticated with just the right amount of color saturation.

black and grey black and grey

Source: Jewelers of America


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