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The following individuals have met the JAA's highest level of industry certification, JAA Accredited Master Jeweller.

 Name  Business  Master Jeweller Number
 Stephen Dibb  Stephen Dibb Jewellery  MASJEW001
 Adrian Schulz  Diamonds of Distinction  MASJEW002
 Peter Keep  Peter Keep  MASJEW003
 John Rusanen  Stephen Dibb Jewellery  MASJEW004


With the JAA's accreditation program you can be assured that you are buying from some of the most talented and experienced jewellers in Australia.

Criteria to become a JAA Accredited Master Jeweller

  1. Currently working for/as JAA member
  2. Approximately 20 years experience
  3. Three (3) referees to attest to your ability to manufacture complex pieces as well as design and sketching abilities
  4. Certificate 4 in Jewellery Manufacture or equivalent
  5. Details of other supporting criteria such as industry recognition, awards won, contribution to the industry and examples of your work in a portfolio of work
  6. Have previously trained or currently training an apprentice
  7. Proposer and seconder (being JAA members)
  8. Minimum of 8 CPD (continued professional development) points accrued in the last 3 years

The application is reviewed by a panel of three industry professionals. Upon renewal each individual must obtain a minimum of 8 CPD points accrued in the last 3 years. This shows their commitment to ongoing professional development and allows one to keep abreast of the changes within the jewellery industry.  

JAA Accreditation recognises an individual's and business' commitment to gaining qualifications and experience. Find out more.