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First comes love, and then comes the perfect proposal! Once you have decided to pop the question, it is essential that you find the perfect ring and plan the perfect proposal. Remember, this is the story you will tell your future generations! Here are some proposal ideas based. Take these ideas and make them your own:

  1. If your girlfriend loves puzzles and surprises, have her decode a secret message to open up a lock that reveals an engagement ring inside!
  2. If you are in a long distance relationship and want to shake up the commute, coordinate a proposal 10,000 feet in the air! Surprise your girlfriend by showing up on her flight. You can even get the flight attendants involved!
  3. If you travel for work, take your girlfriend on your next “business” trip. Take a detour in a city with a special meeting and surprise her with a ring!
  4. Send your girlfriend on a surprise trip with clues along the way to the place where you met. Don’t forget the passport and flight itinerary!
  5. Looking for adventure? Surprise her by digging up a strategically placed buried treasure. When you open the chest, present her with the ring!
  6. Ask your beloved to marry you at a sentimental place such as where your parents or grandparents met. Pass down the love of your parents or grandparents by giving her a family heirloom ring.
  7. Coordinate with help from friends and family and incorporate her favorite pastime, such as sailing or bushwalking, for the ultimate proposal.
  8. Lead your girlfriend through an intricate scavenger hunt to a candlelit proposal in the park. The crowd that gathers will cheer when she says yes!
  9. If you’re on the creative side, craft hand-made boxes that show scenes of importance times in your relationship. The boxes should be able to fit inside one another like a Russian matryoshka doll. The smallest box should reveal the proposal scene!
  10. You’ve heard of the kiss cam, right? Well if you can’t afford to hire out an entire stadium like some celebs, then asking the big question up on screen at your local footie match in front of thousands of people, is the next best option (unless she detests football, that is). Or, if you really want to up the romance factor, do it at New York’s iconic Madison Square Garden. If you don’t ask, you don’t get. Top tip: Contact the sports ground. They’ll have a PR person who can let you know whether or not your proposal is possible.
  11. ‘Ladies and gentlemen, welcome aboard your flight today….’ Can you imagine how amazing it would if the pilot followed up his announcement with a proposal? All you have to do is sit back, enjoy some Champagne, and make sure you are en route to somewhere totally fabulous to celebrate. Top tip: Pretend you’re going to the loo and have a discreet word with the nearest stewardess. She will convey your message to the captain, and fingers crossed, you’ll hear your names on the tannoy – get the bubbles ready!
  12. Take your beloved to a secluded spot with a Champagne picnic, and watch as she tries to unravel the words that are being written in the sky above. It’s an amazingly romantic gesture – and one that the world can see. Just make sure you tell the guys up in the plane the correct spelling of her name…. Top tip: Several Aussie companies operate skywriting services, so whilst this one isn’t beyond the realms of possibility, it could be costly.
  13. Produce a ring as the camera started flashing, and the resulting set of photos will be amazing and emotional. There’s the eyes closed, followed by the ‘Whaat?’ face, and then tears as you slip the ring on her finger. Top tip: You’ll need to have impeccable timing and will need to whip that ring out as soon as the camera starts flashing!
  14. Go on a hot air balloon ride! Unless your partner is petrified of heights, this grand gesture makes for a super-romantic way to pop the question. Head up, up and away and then get down on one knee – it will be amazing and completely memorable. Top tip: Many hot air balloon companies offer private packages for couples ahead of a proposal – including champagne and souvenir pictures. This will guarantee privacy at the crucial moment. 
  15. Is your partner an ice cream fanatic? Settle down on the sofa after a plush dinner out with a tub of ice cream, personalised with the big question! If your other half prefers her lollies, get them personalised instead or propose with a box of cupcakes, each iced with a letter that spells out your question.Top tip: Keep sugary proposal materials well clear of small children and animals! 

Source: Jewelers of America and Bride to Be






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