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The Jewellers Association of Australia (JAA) always recommends that consumers should use a jeweller who is a member of the JAA, as they adhere to the highest standard of ethics and industry practice. They are bound by a Code of Conduct that was developed with considerable liaison with the ACCC.

The JAA is aware that the NSW Department of Fair Trading has received a number of consumer complaints about Brian Baylis Jewellers (Woy Woy) and has assigned a case manager.

Whilst Brian Baylis Jewellers is not a JAA member, the JAA made contact with Brian Baylis in February 2016 as a result of the number of consumers who were contacting the JAA regarding complaints. Brian advised that he had engaged someone to help him. The JAA has not made their own enquiries in the last few months to see if this is happening, due to NSW Department of Fair Trading's ongoing involvement.

The JAA are concerned about the number of complaints against this jeweller, which is the reason we made contact, even though he is not a JAA member.

If you have a complaint against Brian Baylis Jewellers, we suggest you contact the NSW Department of Fair Trading.

The following was aired by A Current Affair on Wednesday, 8 June 2016