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    The Jewellers Association of Australia works to represent and
    protect the interests of the jewellery industry and its consumers

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    It’s important to know the many different tools in your tool box,
    as every type of accessory fulfills a different need.

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    Membership of the Jewellers Association of Australia can build
    your business, save you money and give you a competitive advantage

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    Protect what matters most
    with JewelCover jewellery insurance

  • DESIGN sketch RENDER

    DESIGN sketch RENDER

    This drawing competition honours the diverse talent of local artisans by
    showcasing their original and distinguished talents in hand and digital drawing.

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  • All advertised items must actually be available for sale at the time of listing. I.e. no possibility of the items currently being sold on another site or not able to be shipped in a prompt manner as would reasonably be expected by the consumer
  • Business registered in Australia and abiding by Australian Consumer Law and emarketing Code
  • Operating for more than 12 months with no known major unresolved disputes or consumer complaints
  • More than 50% of the business focused on jewellery
  • Visible jewellery focus on website with relevant search features to enable consumers to easily find and distinguish offerings
  • Relevant product disclosures to be visible on the website per the Code so as not to mislead any consumers as the offering or its quality
  • Photography to be of a professional standard
  • Established system of customer service for product delivery and resolution of any issues and complaints
  • Internal system processes conveyed for such matters as system of warranties adherence, refund policy and any guarantees offered
  • Agreement to provide items to be viewed or spot checked if the JAA Code of Conduct Committee deem necessary
  • Nominator (and seconder) referees required per JAA current membership application process
  • Membership approval is subject to the applicant having read and understood the JAA Jewellery Industry Code of Conduct

Please note that membership approval is subject to you having read and understood JAA Jewellery Industry Code of Conduct. As a member of the JAA you will abide by, once payment of fees has been received.

We will not accept membership applications from online businesses that refer to valuations as a means of price comparison in the sale process and where consumers bid for items.

All membership application decisions are final and no discussion will be entered into regarding the reason/s of the decision. 

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