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To advance the Australian jewellery industry through ethical conduct, high professional standards and efficient business practice.


To be:

  • The Peak Industry Body that represents greater than 75 percent of industry participants.
  • The first Point-of-Contact for:

- Thought Leadership;
- Advice;
- Best Practice;
- Knowledge;
- Business Networks;
- Career Opportunities; and
- Coordination for our members.

  • The Training and Education provider and coordinator for:

- Jewellery Retail Skills;
- Apprentices (all sectors); and
- Ethics and Industry conduct for the Jewellery Industry.

  • Recognised and respected as an organisation for excellence and trusted leadership of the Jewellery Industry.

Our Guiding Principles and Values

Integrity: We and our members will maintain the highest standards and integrity.

Ethics: We and our members will have the highest quality of corporate and social responsibility, behaviour and values.

Pro-Active: We will be flexible and proactive in support of our industry.

Promote: We will create a positive image to the public and for our members.

Relationships: We will promote and sustain honest professional relationships through assisting our members achieve their goals.

Representative: We will work with all segments of the industry to represent our members in a positive united way to the public and governments.