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2015 Australian Representative
Jyothi Forman
  2013 Australian Representative
Tayron Scagnetti


WorldSkills Australia aims to develop and nurture the skills of young Australians. Their purpose is to promote and build a skills culture by young people, celebrating skills excellence and providing them with an opportunity to showcase their trade and skill talent.

Competitions are held on a 2 year cycle comprising of:






Approximately 500 Regional Competitions are held in 31 regions across the country. Age eligible medallists from Regional Competitions are chosen to go on to compete in the National Competition.


Competitors from over 50 specialised trade and skills categories compete in three days of competition. Age eligible medallists are then invited to apply for a place on the Skills Squad and undertake months of intensive training with a dedicated  Training Manager.


Members from the Skills Squad are selected to represent Australia on the Skillaroos team, joining over 70 countries to compete on the international stage in the hopes of being named the “best in the world”. 

Benefits for Competitors

WorldSkills Australia competitions are a unique development opportunity designed
to help boost competitors’ confidence and produce effective future leaders. They
are tested both physically and mentally – marked against a rigorous framework
aligned to national training packages, standards and benchmarks – with the overall
goal of enhancing their technical and communication skills and, in turn, employability.

  • Benchmark their skills against others in their field
  • Dramatically boost skills and performance at their training organisation or workplace
  •  Showcase their potential to current and future employers
  • Get access to invaluable training from world-class experts
  • Stand out from the crowd and create prestige for their training organisation or employer
  • Opportunity to travel interstate and overseas

In 2013, Tayron Scganetti from Western Australia was awarded a silver medal at the international competition, held in Germany and in 2015, Jyothi Forman from Victoria will be representing Australia at the international competition, to be held in Brazil.

The JAA provides support to WorldSkills through the promotion of program to the wider jewellery industry. 

Visit WorldSkills at
Interested in becoming a volunteer? Click here to download a list of positions
Interested in sponsoring? Click here to download a Factsheet