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The wondrous colours and patterns of Australia’s national gemstone, the beautiful and mysterious opal, will feature in this year’s Vivid Sydney festival through an interactive light art installation called OPALessence (play.with.colour).
Image: Robert A. Smith

OPALessence (play.with.colour)


The Jewellers Association of Australia is delighted to support OPALessence (play.with.colour), a spectacular light art installation featuring in Vivid Sydney 2015.

Vivid Sydney is the Southern Hemisphere’s biggest festival of lights, music and ideas, taking place over 18 days from 22 May to 8 June in Sydney, Australia.

OPALessence (play.with.colour) is an enchanting journey through the wondrous colours and patterns of Australia’s national gemstone, the beautiful and mysterious opal.

A dynamic light sequence projects onto a historic sandstone building at 47 George St in Sydney’s popular Rocks precinct, showcasing the gemstone’s most renowned property – its play of colour – in eye-catching patterns called Harlequin, Chinese Writing, Broad Flash and Flower Garden, among others.

OPALessence (play.with.colour) showcases spectacular opal images including those by Robert A. Smith and Len Cram, two of the leading photographers of Australian opal who are based in Lightning Ridge, NSW, the home of Australia’s black opal.

OPALessence (play.with.colour) is the creation of Olivia Deskoski, whose family has been involved in the Australian opal industry for more than 45 years, and Amara Clarke, an award-winning lighting designer based in Sydney, NSW.

More than 1.5 million people are expected to attend Vivid Sydney 2015, which features around 60 colourful and exciting light installations along the Vivid Sydney Light Walk.

Vivid Sydney is Australia’s Tourism Event of the Year.

“The uniqueness of this light installation, and its inclusion in the very successful event Vivid Sydney, makes it an ideal pairing for the Jewellers Association of Australia (JAA).” Amanda Hunter, JAA Executive Director, said.

“Our support of OPALessence (play.with.colour) not only presents a great opportunity to celebrate the visual beauty of Australia’s national gemstone, opal, but also for the JAA to assist our industry's opal sector by creating greater awareness of the gem; especially given that opals are an Australian point of difference in the international jewellery market.

“Additionally, with limited advertising budgets we are always seeking new and innovative ways to promote the JAA and our members' offerings to Australian jewellery consumers, a key focus for our many valued members, and the OPALessence program provides this, by aligning with such a key public event like Vivid.”

OPALessence (play.with.colour) is proudly supported by the Jewellers Association of Australia, Black Star Opal, the Australian Opal Centre, Opal Cove Resort and Diamonds By Design

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