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The JAA Lifetime Achievement Award is the highest honour that the JAA bestows on one of its members.

In 2014 the Board decided the Award would be presented biennially to coincide with the JAA Australasian Jewellery Awards.

Nominations will open in early 2017 and any jewellery industry participant may nominate a fellow colleague.

Criteria for nomination must address the following criteria:

    • Have held JAA membership for10 or more consecutive years
    • Exhibited outstanding leadership or sustained contributions to the industry
    • Possess exceptional personal integrity and highest standards
    • Be willing to serve as a role model to their peers

The following individuals have attained JAA life membership for their service to both the JAA and jewellery industry as a whole.

Life Member Date of life membership
Alan Kennedy 10 August 1998
Albert Smith (Deceased) 14 April 2003
Arthur Sims (Deceased) 1 July 1990
Bev Green 20 August 2001
Bill Harrison 26 October 1989
Bill Marsh Date unknown
Blair Catanach (Deceased) 26 October 1989
Bradley Finn 26 October 1989
Brian Symonds 14 June 1980
Bruce Mazzucchelli 1 November 1986
Bruce Robinson 1 September 1984
Colin Pocklington 18 June 2003
David Greenberg 4 November 1977
F Rundle (Deceased) 14 April 2003
Fred Neuman 1 September 2014
Jack Bradley 1 September 1969
Jack Kimber (Deceased) Date unknown
Jack Marks (Deceased) 31 August 1983
Jim Amies 16 September 1991
Keith Holdsworth 14 April 2003
Len Kavanagh (Deceased) 16 September 1979
Les Brown Date unknown
Michael Oboler 1 September 2008
Mon Langlands (Deceased) Date unknown
Reg Knowles (Deceased) 14 April 2003
Ron Churcher Date unknown
Ron Stone (Deceased) 31 August 1983
Ross Shaw (Deceased) 31 August 1983
Roy Worfold (Deceased) 1 September 1969
Wallace Bishop 26 August 1986
Winston Joyce (Deceased) Date unknown



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