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Ever thought about why your industry needs an association and the benefits of belonging?

A strong sense of camaraderie is part of the make-up of Australian culture and we see that especially in the Australian business culture through industry associations built on the commitment of its dedicated members who see the benefit of joining together to strengthen their business and their industry.

In 1931, as Australia was experiencing the gross domestic product decline and unemployment of the Great Depression, the Jewellers Association of Australia (JAA) was established for industry support. Over the next 85 years and continuing to the present day the JAA works nationally to represent and protect the interests of the jewellery industry and its consumers. With a current membership of around 1000 outlets, the JAA covers all areas of the jewellery industry – from manufacturing, wholesaling, distribution to retail.

Our members have access to a community with like interests and focus. Concerns raised are discussed and resolutions researched with the aid of our dedicated Board of Directors, National Industry Advisory Council and State Branches who all volunteer. Members are kept up-to-date with industry news via jnews, our monthly newsletter, and regular updates and security alerts.

The JAA - Industry Only Facebook group allows the sharing of ideas and raising of discussion points with others that may face similar situations. It also gives the industry a chance to give back by sharing their wealth of knowledge gained over many years of business and an opportunity for members to connect with peers, near or far. Belonging to the JAA provides networking opportunities for the healthy exchange of ideas, to create opportunities and to socialise through our events and programs. Through the JAA the rest of the industry is accessible to you.

The JAA is proud to promote the highest standards and ethics within the Australian jewellery industry. Each of our members adheres to the JAA Code of Conduct, showing their commitment to the industry, its clients, and to excellence.

Trust is a key part of consumer confidence and providing a Code of Conduct by which our members must obey enhances this trust between business to business and business to consumer. This is heightened by our offering of a complaints mediation and resolution service to all JAA members.

Promotion of our members includes a listing in the JAA Products and Services Directory, a tool for those seeking out trusted business partners with whom to work and purchase. Our website is ever expanding as we aim to increase the widening exposure of our members to potential clients.

In today’s ever increasing competitive environment being a JAA member presents you with a point of difference and gives you another talking point with your clients. Consumers are encouraged via various touch points to shop where they see the JAA logo for peace of mind.

The list of benefits we provide our members is extensive. These have all been arranged to give our members access to discounts on relevant services to support your business and gain a competitive advantage through savings. The key benefits our members value are our mediation service when things go wrong, the human resources advice line as well as an annual free promotion for suppliers to reach out to our retail members.

There are many other benefits which you will find listed in full on the JAA website, including banking services, foreign exchange, security, freight, photography, web design, business and jewellers block insurance, travel insurance, safety training or superannuation. Each of these benefits offers either great value adds, unique services or discounts.

We provide a comprehensive group of resources in our members’ section of the JAA website, providing business and support resource links as well as the online purchase of our point of sale materials such as receipt folders and repair packets that comply with legislation to make your job more efficient.

Membership also keeps the industry strong by providing a unified voice to lobby Government and provide input on industry wide matters such as attracting new talent, national curriculum and legislative changes.

Members get to participate in great initiatives to assist the industry’s growth such as our accreditation scheme, which promotes personal development and acknowledgement at an individual level.

The national retail tenancy database will provide you with information to assist in your lease negotiations. We have various programs that will inspire you and present the opportunity for your involvement such as our Jewellery Awards where we foster talent within the industry and the chance to provide input to course content for national qualifications.

The JAA provides a hub of information and educational resources to grow you and your team’s industry experience and knowledge including the Friedman Gold Star Selling and Armed Robbery Prevention Training online courses.

Employment needs are also facilitated with our careers portal with information on working in the industry, wages and apprenticeships as well as the ability to link mentors with those needing support, employers with those needing jobs and apprentices with those needing new recruits.

Industry associations are a community who share a faith that their needs will be meet through their commitment to work together. The JAA, with its 85 years of experience in working with and representing the jewellery industry of Australia to grow and strengthen its viability over the many challenges it has faced, is committed to continue to be there for you.

Engage with us now and provide your needed support and involvement. Join, renew, volunteer, recommend, exhibit, sponsor, promote, share, learn, attend, contribute.

As always, we ask our members to display the JAA logo with pride and know that it stands for something additional to your brand.