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June 2022

As Australians draw close to the end of this financial year, I reflect on the year we have left behind.

Faced with numerous challenges, including two years in and out of lockdowns, amidst much uncertainty and an international crisis grossly impacting both our emotional and physical commodities, the Australian jewellery industry continues to strive ahead – we forge the future of our industry despite the evolving circumstances in how we network and facilitate our clients across our respective businesses.

Amongst all of this unexpected change, comes an entire new generation of jewellery artisans – one I am particularly proud of. The Jewellers Association of Australia highlights the new generation of Millennials and Gen Y jewellery industry experts, (in the making), in the JAA’s up and coming July webinar, Next Gen Jewellery Artisans.

Both socially and environmentally aware, the next or new generation of bespoke jewellery designers, fine jewellery manufacturers, gem and diamond traders, retailers, artisans, crafters, master jewellers and jewellery industry affiliates are responsible sources. They are focused and forward thinking in the way they approach both their businesses and clients, alike. Brand focused, technology and social media savvy, this new generation of the jewellery industry, currently taking all sectors of our industry by a storm, are cutting edge and Avant guard. They are risk takers, creative and expansive minded individuals that are not afraid to change the dynamics of how our industry operates and they are absolutely advantageous in their approach.

What can we learn from them?

The way we do business has transitioned to support contactless sales experiences and/or purchasing. An area that Millennials and Gen Y are particularly proficient in - having grown up in a world of social media and technological advancement, that generations before them never would ever have dreamt of, they understand the importance of connection and creating online presence. Their social pages and websites are often their showrooms, if not a preface to their showrooms, and they create ambiance and engagement with every single post, like and comment. They understand the importance of diversification. They are endearing and nurturing of their audience – they know exactly who their client/audience is, what their client needs/wants and aim to deliver an overall experience that commences from the conception of their online presence right through to the delivery of their products/services. This generation aims to please and make no mistake, they know exactly how to deliver the goods.

The JAA invites all sectors of the Australian jewellery industry to an evening dedicated to the future of our industry – join us, 7pm Tuesday, 5 July, 2022 to hear this vivacious panel of new generation jewellery industry experts discuss what makes them tick, how they operate, how they market to Millennials and Gen Y clients, what we can learn from them and a myriad of other topics that are all Next Gen Jewellery related.

The time is NOW.

Karen Denaro, JAA President

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