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Dare I say it, but I think we’ve nearly made it through 2020!  Despite the year being one we’d all rather not reflect upon, we must remember the adversities we’ve overcome and recognise all that we have achieved in this difficult year.  Let’s congratulate ourselves!

From all the anecdotal evidence that I received from speaking with colleagues and customers in the industry, and from the results of the 2 surveys that the JAA conducted in July and August, generally speaking we have fared well.

Since March the Association has been keeping members up to date throughout the entire time with updates of all resources available. We have responded to a high volume of enquiries from our members asking advice, and our feedback is that this has been a huge help. I would love to hear more feedback of what you, as an industry member, would like to see from us.

We now have a new look Member Portal on the JAA website!  It has redesigned for easy navigation with segments that include protection, support, technical information, documents and news. We will continually add resources to the Portal. Please have a look and provide feedback for any resources you would like to see included.

Earlier this year we introduced a new benefit, not only for members but the industry at large, and that is JAA Insurance Services. The team has 40 years’ experience providing tailored cover and will give you expert advice to ensure that you are protected every step of the way. Not only is the Jewellers Block policy offered, but also other insurance such as cyber insurance, an important policy now in this ever-changing world of digital transactions. Find out more about JAA Insurance Services on the JAA website.

The last few months has seen us hosting our second JAA Design Sketch Render Drawing Competition - a celebration of Australia and New Zealand jewellery design and sketching skills. We want to promote local creative talent, and this drawing competition is an investment in the vibrant future of the jewellery industry. Check out all the entrants in the e-publication available to view at jaa.com.au/sketch

At the start of COVID-19 we wrote to the Prime Minister to raise our concerns regarding the impact that restrictions were having on retail, which of course in turn affects the entire industry. We were seeking rent relief for all commercial premises too. We did receive a reply from the PMs office considering our concerns.  I am sure that these concerns, expressed collectively through other associations and groups as well, would have been influential in the introduction of JobKeeper and mandatory rent relief measures.

At the end of the year we will start the JAA membership renewals. Together we can make a difference and improve the lives and businesses of our members. Our goals are common.

We want to:

  • create more opportunities for companies to grow their business,
  • support reasonable regulation and legislation that help member businesses operate better,
  • protect the interests of our businesses, our staff, and our customers, and promote a more transparent legal, regulatory, and business environment so that we can complete in a fair playing field.

Please come and join us! Our strength is in numbers! The world is rapidly changing and there has never been a better time to belong to our community to make our industry a sustainable and thriving one.

Jo Tory
JAA President

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