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Here we have listed individuals seeking jewellery apprenticeships around Australia. Please contact them should you have a position available that matches their skill level/interest. 


Jackson Barker |Nerang|0408 227 537|

My name is Jackson Barker. I am 19 years old and I have a passion for making jewellery. I have completed a few basic courses at Tafe QLD, Brisbane and Gold Coast, but I want to learn more. I am looking for an apprenticeship with someone who is willing to teach me more of the finer details of jewellery making. I am a quick learner, have an eye for detail and am a bit of a perfectionist when it comes to making pieces, which is why I am looking for a great teacher who can help develop my skills whilst helping you in your business. I have made a few pieces of my own, I have a good understanding of making simple jewellery pieces. If curious I have an instagram where you will be able to see the jewellery I have already made (@jacksjewellerymaking)


Claire Thomas |VIC|0414 169 521|

Hello, my name is Claire! I picked up jewellery making almost a year ago now, immediately falling in love with the craft. Learning as much as I could online, and growing my toolkit, I progressed from working with bead to silversmithing from my bedroom desk. I recently completed Melboune Polytechnic's "Introductory Jewellery" course, and am incredibly eager to undertake their Cert III "Jewellery Manufacture" Apprenticeship next March. If any Melbourne based jewellers are interested in taking on an apprentice, I would love nothing more than to learn and grow into a jewellery making career with your guidance.

I have an instagram page (@404pieces) where photos of my projects are visible. My email is if you would like a copy of my resume. I hope to hear from you soon.


Hannah Crea |VIC|0466 623

Hello! I am an aspiring jeweller currently crafting handmade traditional pearl and natural gemstone beaded jewellery pieces. I will be studying at Melbourne Polytechnic early 2024 and am hoping to partake in an apprenticeship course. I am very passionate about jewellery manufacturing and would love to further my skills.


Amit Soni |VIC|0404 894 774|

Hello, I have experience in jewellery manufacturing and sales for 9+ years.


Jewellery Portfolio Management/Jewellery Financial Schemes/Customer Services/Team management/Business Development/Marketing/Operation Market Analysis/Strategy Planning/Objective Implementation/Sectors: Jewellery


Niamh Tait |VIC|046 668 0556|

Hey I'm Niamh, 28 currently living and working in Melbourne but originally from the UK. I work as a registered nurse but have recently completed the introductory jewellery course at Melbourne Polytechnic and looking to start the intermediate course in the new year to advance my skills. I'm looking to break up my nursing career by helping out and learn on the go whether it be once a week or once a month. Please reach out if I would be a good fit.

New South Wales

Effie Manton |NSW|0409 702 572|

Hi, I'm 35 and have been doing hairdressing for almost twenty years. I've done a few jewellery courses over the years and am super interested in doing an apprenticeship.


April Richards |Perth WA|0433 494 773 |

I am looking to change occupation and jewellery making has always appealed to my creative tastes. I come from a design and creative background having studied costume and fashion. I want a more sustainable income with greater career opportunities.


Macarena Ramirez |Perth WA|0456 487 996 |

My name is Macarena, and I'm from Chile. I arrived in Australia a couple of weeks ago. About a year and a half ago, I started practicing the craft of jewellery making, and I must say it has truly fascinated me. I would love to dedicate myself to this art for a lifetime. During this time I attended an academy where I learned various basic and advanced techniques to develop my skills in the field. I have a knowledge of casting, soldering, box and invisible setting, reticulation, stamping, sheet and wire fabrication, embossing, among others. I have experience working with silver, bronze and various gemstones.

I consider myself a highly creative and meticulous person, paying close attention to details and possessing strong manual skills.

I would like to continue learning and growing in this beautiful craft, and I believe collaborating with a great jeweller like yourself would be incredible. I've been eager to start my career as an assistant to a jeweller I admire, and your job posting is precisely what I've been searching for, as my main goal now is to acquire knowledge.

I am currently in Perth, but I'm very willing to relocate to pursue my artistic growth.


Ella Veleba|Canberra ACT|0422 853 865 |

I am currently finishing year twelve in Canberra and am looking to undertake a jewellery apprenticeship next year. I have studies visual arts, textiles and silver jewellery making as well as tertiary English and Maths. I enjoy creative and hands on work and have good attention to detail. My previous employment includes retail sales and working as a pool lifeguard for the last year.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Thank you.


Ella Veleba|Canberra ACT|0422 853 865 |


Ella Brennan|Hornsby ,NSW|0410434834 |

My name is Ella, I’m 19. I’ve previously done an 8-week silversmithing course and a 4-week silver slay course, so I have a little bit of previous knowledge. I’m willing to put all my time and effort into learning.



Isaiah Matoka|NSW| 0423533132|

I am 18 years of age I did metal work placing top of my class each year in year 9 and 10 went to trade college dropped out and now working for a mining company called Beker.



    Grace Fogarty| NSW- Wollongong| (61)490009801|

    I'm seeking an apprenticeship in jewellery manufacture. I have a Bachelor of Fine Arts completed in 2020 from RMIT in Melbourne, where I learnt and developed skills in jewellery making. I have continued to grow my skills out of school and have made a work space that I practice on in my spare time. The field I am most interested in is engagement ring speciality as I can then walk through the concept to design to making stages.


    April Kent| Newcastle/Sydney| (61)49575550 |

    My passion for creative arts and study of the subject in my HSC has lead to my interest in jewellery making. Whilst not having any formal education in Jewellery manufacturing, I have hands-on experience in the process of wax carving and knowledge of wax casting. Furthermore, I have gained valuable experience working at Pandora, this required me to learn about the process of jewellery making, stone cuts and cleaning of products, along with delivering exceptional customer service to consumers at both my retail roles, and most recently in my cafe management role.



    Andreas Cavanna| NSW- Penrith Area0430 299 415 |

    Hi, my name is Andreas - I am currently 26 and looking to begin my jewellery manufacturing apprenticeship in Sydney. I have a widespread background in digital 3D design and state management for Google sales; but have been looking to change to this trade for some time. I am quite social, enjoy working alone or with a team, and have a passionate eye for detail (I paint and craft as a hobby).

    If you'd like more information, please reach out to me via email or mobile.

    Looking forward to hearing from you.


    Santana-Jane Pearce| NSW, QLD, VIC | 0421 950 220 |

    I am seeking a jewellery apprenticeship located anywhere near Regents Park NSW. Wanting to dive into the world of jewellery making,

    have always had an interest in jewellery and now taking the leap to find an apprenticeship.


    Amba Viverit| NSW, QLD, VIC | 0478 124 092 |

    I am seeking a jewellery apprenticeship located anywhere from the Gold Coast, Brisbane, Northern NSW or Melbourne VIC. I have undertaken some introductory jewellery making courses and am very interested in pursuing an apprenticeship. I am highly creative and keen to learn the craft. Please do not hesitate to contact me about available positions.


    Katy Chelin | Camden/Picton/Campbelltown| 0402 501 072|

    My name is Katy and I am 16 years old, living in Camden/Picton/Campbelltown region of NSW.

    I am a nice, fun, and friendly person. I am honest and punctual. I work well in a team but also on my own. I like to set myself goals and strive to achieve. I have good listening and communication skills. I have a creative mind and am always up for new challenges. I love to design and work with my hands.  

    I have recently completed Certificate III in Design Fundamentals and am looking for an apprenticeship in Jewelry Manufacturing. 


    Tracy Meng | Sydney | 0426 658 521|

    My name is Tracy. I started as a graphic designer, graduated from one of the top universities in Shanghai. Since then, I became very interested in Jewellery industry and I’ve started studying it myself, and through various courses. Throughout the last year, I have been actively learning and practicing work with 3D design software (Rhinoceros), to help me express my ideas better. I have also designed and produced various small jewellery pieces like rings and ear rings. I can do sawing, soldering, filing and so on. I am very interested in jewellery industry, and I would really appreciate you giving me an opportunity to explore this profession.

    Please feel free to contact me if you require any further information. I would be very happy to work with you.


    D'arcy Schnitzerling | Qld  4000| (04) 34484651 |

    I’m creative, innovative and never let anything go to waste. Looking to learn a new skill and have a bit of fun

    Rebecca Mol | Caboolture Qld | 0458 495 325 |

    I am very interested in taking part in a jeweller course. In my spare time I make crystal jewellery or macrame hangings. Anything I can do with my hands I learn quickly! I am very interested in jewellery both design and amke. I am very good with my hands and have the love to learn something new!


    Mathew Perkins | Mackay Qld | 0400 721 999|

    I am 36, and currently a Global I.T manager for a large Australian company. I have been interested in a jewellers apprenticeship for the last 12-48 months. I'd love a change of career as I have been in IT for close to 20years.


    Kylie Tiller | Towoomba Qld | 0427 722 268|

    Knows basics in silversmithing, Female 27 years old


    Renea Little | Sunshine Coas| 0408 759 060

    I am 40 years old, seeking a full or part time jewellery apprenticeship on the Sunshine Coast.  I have a basic understanding of the jewellery making process and have been creating my own pieces in sterling silver to supplement my income for the last 5 years.  I have soldering, cutting and polishing skills and the ability to set basic stone settings.  I also enjoy lapidary and have recently purchased a cutting machine to cut and set my own stones.  I have extreme attention to detail and enjoy every aspect of the jewellery making process.  I am reliable and enthusiastic and would love to find a company where I can further my basic skills into a trade qualified Jeweller.

    Thank you for your time.
    Renea Little


    Luke Day| Dalby, Gatton | 0490 880 615

    Looking for a career in jewellery interested in all aspects of the industry, I have absolutely no experience in the sector, I do however have a good eye and very steady hands, very used to repetitive work, very patient and eager to learn, I have always had a fascination with gemstones and jewellery and look forward to a career in this field. Can start anytime after giving 4 weeks notice to my current employer.


    Paige Stones | Melbourne | 0487342755|

    Looking for an apprenticeship to become a jeweller


    Oliver Juresko | Bell Post Victoria | (61) 0437030363 |

    I am a year 10 student currently studying at Kardinia International College. I have done basic ring making courses at school and a silversmithing course outside of school.


    Megan Lemasters | Melbourne |0433 615 277 |

    Hi! My name is Megan Lemasters and I am a 22 year old student in Jewellery and object design. I just left America where I was doing a jewellery Apprenticeship with Signet Jewellers. It was in a design and service center in Jared's jewellery store. While I am here I am studying. I would love the opportunity to continue working within the industry and find a similar position. I have experience polishing, tightening stones, setting small stones, ordering stones, findings, tools, measuring with a millimeter gauge and cleaning/replenishing areas of the workspace. I am very eager to continue learning and furthering my skills and knowledge in Australia.


    Nathan Geileskey | Melbourne | 0404 957 515

    My name is Nathan Geileskey. I am applying for the jewellery apprenticeship. Ready to work for your company
    Vaccination Status - I am fully Vaccinated
    Working Status - Australian Citizen
    Transport - Full Victorian Driver’s License - Own reliable car
    Availability - Immediate start or anytime

    Final Note - My whole life I have always wanted to learn a trade. All though I have not worked in some time due to mental illness, I am ready to return to the workforce. I am confident that I can fulfill the position and more. I am a good listener and incredibly eager to master the trade. Once I have successfully completed my apprenticeship, I would kindly ask if I could continue to work for you as a qualified jeweller. Thank you for the time you gave to consider me as an Apprentice. I would rather have the Traineeship then the $5000 incentive/bonus

    Scarlett Edgar | Melbourne | 0400 892 852 |

    I'm a motivated 26yo who is passionate about developing a career in designing and handcrafting fine jewellery.

    I’ve been making silver jewellery for 18 months. I work with silver sheet and wire, although more recently I have worked with wax as well. I am competent at hand sawing, filing, soldering, and polishing. I've had tutoring from my mother, Victoria Edgar (creative jeweller/silversmith/sculptor), as well as utilising online resources and short courses at Melbourne Polytechnic.

    I am resourceful, resilient and diligent. I believe I’ll make a great apprentice because I’m eager to grow my skills, I thrive in a hands-on role and I appreciate feedback. I am a team player, easy to get along with, a fast learner, hardworking and always up for a challenge.

    I believe an apprenticeship is the first step of many and I look forward to working in an industry where you continue to learn and grow your skills, there is no limit to what you can know.

    I'd love to show you pictures of my work, please ask me!


    Marie-Lauren Romano0434 581 788|

    I would like to quickly introduce myself; my name is Marie-Lauren Romano, a 30-something living in Melbourne with a dream of becoming a jeweller. For the past 7 years I have been working as a Marketing Manager across a number of brands, but always wondered what working as a full-time creative would feel like. The time during COVID lockdown gave me a lot to think about, and the push to give my passion a real shot. After all there is no time like the present! I guess it took some soul-searching and trying a corporate career to come back to my roots as an artist and designer.

    I am eager to work under a master jeweller to supplement the teaching I will take part in at Melbourne Polytechnic. I want to be mentored and gather as much direction from a jeweller who has been in the industry for multiple decades. Perfecting the foundational skills such as;

    • Basic skills - strong at cleaning up intricate fine pieces, soldering, polishing, filing flat and consistent, hallmarking etc
    • Understanding the nuances between metals;
    • Learning about precious gemstones utilised in designs;
    • Hand forging pieces;
    • CAD design;
    • Re-sizing;
    • Gem Setting.

    I look forward to hearing from you soon and would happily share a jeweller CV.



     Lachlan Satterthwaite| Dianella, Perth | 0419902042|

    I am seeking a jewellery apprenticeship, and or industry position from which I can learn and gain practical knowledge and skills.    
    I am 19 years old, in excellent health and I have my own transport.
    I have effective communication skills and I work well either individually or as part of a team. I manage my time efficiently and I am well co-ordinated when using tools or a computer. I am motivated, positive, and capable of using my initiative.
    I have worked in the family catering business since 2015 until present day on a casual basis. My duties include logistics -stock rotation and inventory management, function food service, kitchen hand duties. I also have 3 months of painting experience.
    I attended Sutherland Primary School in Dianella and then John Septimius Roe Secondary College. I represented both schools in athletics and basketball. I enjoy the outdoors including 4
    -wheel driving, boating, and fishing. Indoors I enjoy watching movies, listening to music, cooking and fixing things. 


    Meekah Ongarezos | Perth | (08)

    I am an 18 year old female who loves designing jewellery. As a young girl I loved beading jewellery. I have studied jewellery for 3 years at school. I learnt how to solder, cast, polish and many more skills. I would love so pursue it as a career. In year 12 I won the Materials Design Technology Jewellery award and the VET Dux award

    Betty Dalton | WA | 0402 852 112| 

    I am 17 years old and have my Learners permit. I have just completed a jewellery course at Tafe and would like to continue to work at the craft of jewellery and would love an apprenticeship in this area.

    I intend to study further at Tafe to upgrade my skills. I am a reliable worker and hope to get the opportunity to work hard in an area that interests me.


    Jade Ovens | Western Australia | 0414 900

    My name is Jade and I currently pursue jewellery as a hobby and have completed various beginners' courses over the last 10 years. I am looking for a jeweller apprenticeship in WA. I currently work in Business Administration and I'm hoping for a career change. I am a great student and fast learner. I worked in luxury jewellery for 5 years assisting in small repairs and stock management. I am willing to work in both Perth and regional WA.


     Alexa Gee| Perth | 0435 867 716

    I am looking for an apprenticeship as a Diamond setter or Jeweller. I have a lot of passion for the industry and have recently completed a cert 4 in jewellery design. I have learnt soldering, lost wax casting, basic stone settings, processing silver from granules to wire and manufacture of basic jewellery designs along with polishing. I pride myself on neat, clean finishing and really want to be able to develop my skills. I also have 4+ years of luxury retail experience to help with client relations. - Alexa

    Hayley Rogers| Perth, Western Australia |

    Hi my name is Hayley Rogers, I’m 25 and currently reside in Perth, Western Australia.
    I have completed my Cert IV in Jewellery Production and Design and am currently in my final year of my Diploma in Gemmology. I am currently seeking a jewellery apprenticeship within Perth or the surrounding areas. I am passionate about learning and growing my skills and am open to all types of jewellery particularly fine jewellery and rings.

    Jessica Oxley| Canningvale WA | 0430208358 |

    Hi, my name is Jessica and I have a background in finance and administration and I am looking to embark on a career change into Jewellery. I am fascinated with the jewellery making process and I would love to make the leap and become a qualified Jeweller.
    I am looking to take on a Mature Age Apprenticship and study the Certificate III in Jewellery Manufacture (Jeweller).
    I look forward to upcoming apprenticeship opportunities.

    Kind regards,
    Jessica Oxley

    South Australia

    Jacob Sanders | Adelaide |0426485505 |

    My name is Jacob Sanders, I am 19 from Southern Adelaide. I am interested in pursuing an apprenticeship in jewellery making, and eventually becoming a fully qualified jeweller. Throughout the last few years I have engaged in jewellery making as a hobby and I have thoroughly enjoyed both the creativity and the technical aspects. I believe that in this profession my ability for creative and critical problem solving, as well as my eagerness to listen and learn will greatly benefit any potential employer.

    Jacob Sanders | Adelaide |0426485505 |
     Michael Edwards| Adelaide | (61) 448380823|
    My name is Michael, I'm 32 years old and a retail worker, trying to find a mentor and a new career. I’m making good progress in my self - study but would really prefer to learn the most efficient way to do things, from someone more experienced. I have done two courses, one through TAFE and the other through an independent provider on jewellery making foundations. From this, I’ve been building up a portfolio at home and am confident in my ability to saw, polish and solder. My current focus is on various ring shanks. I am open to learning in any style,and am happy to do almost anything to get started. I am a keen learner, and love to see other people’s work and I would be happy to share my work for any feedback. Even if an apprenticeship is not possible at this time, I’d still be excited to do work experience to help with my learning. I’d even be down to just polish in a dark back room. If you’d like to chat or see my work please feel free to call or email,
    Thank you,

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